Home Improvement Trends

Home Improvement Trends

Over the years, we at Tampa Steel & Supply have seen home design trends come and go. Working with homeowners, designers, and major construction companies has helped us hone our ability to catch trends. We forecast these ten home designs to be the next big thing.

10 Surprising Home Improvement Trends

1. White Walls, Wood Accents

The popular white home isn’t going away, and the trend of accenting stark white interiors against wood accents is here for the long haul. Add some depth to any room with exotic or repurposed woods on ceilings, cabinets, or in the form of flooring.

2. Tech-Free Zones

Families are leaning toward tech-free living rooms. No televisions, sound systems, or computers. Consider making a space in your home for reading a book, entertaining, and playing games without distraction.

3. Dual-Colored Rooms

Designers are encouraging transforming rooms beyond the simple coat of paint. Try adding two colors to your bedroom or giving a single wall or ceiling an expressive finish.

4. Statement Mirrors

Statement mirrors go beyond traditional looking glasses found in bathrooms. These are custom, unique products that offer a nice finishing touch.

5. Bathroom Bidets

In many bathrooms, a bidet would be impractical as space won’t allow it. But now that manufacturers are creating combination toilet bidets, they’re catching on with homeowners.

6. Heated Floors

Heated floors sound like a luxury, but provide a level of comfort that pays for themselves. They’re perfect for bathrooms and entryways where you need to keep floors dry, melt snow, dry boots, and hang wet coats.

7. Outdoor Fabrics for Indoor Furniture

Homeowners are securing furniture by utilizing outdoor fabrics indoors. Materials used on products like awnings and shades—designed to withstand harsh conditions—are being applied to high-traffic indoor living areas.

8. Two-Tone Cabinets

Two-tone kitchen cabinets add color and texture. Playing with various woods and colors —especially between upper and lower cabinets—creates the penultimate personalized kitchen.

9. Black Stainless Steel

The once almighty gray stainless steel may be on the way out. Its gleaming appearance is being replaced by black stainless steel, which gives off a modern, sleek look.

10. Intricate Stairways

Intricate stairways are growing in popularity. Homeowners and designers are looking at iron postscable rails, and detailed ornamental features. Designers are also suggesting moving staircases closer to the front of the home to create a focal point at the entrance.

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