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Tampa Steel & Supply has been serving the steel needs of Tampa Bay and West Central Florida since 1983. Our steel service center is conveniently located in the heart of Tampa in Ybor City. Tampa Steel & Supply has grown into a full-line service center serving the needs of fabricators, welders, contractors, sign companies, machinists, and the general public with home projects in Tampa Bay and beyond. We are the only metal service center in the greater Tampa Bay area that offers and promotes prime, secondary, surplus, and ornamental metals.

Yes, we are open to the General Public Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. And we encourage everyone to come to Tampa Steel & Supply’s Showroom, Warehouse, and Yard to ask questions, select products and talk with our friendly and helpful sales staff. We get this question every day and it is because most of our competitors are NOT open to the General Public. That sets us apart immediately. Unlike many steel and pipe stocking yards and warehouses, we are happy to have you look around our inventory with one of our team members. Please note that if you wish to walk the yard or warehouse, you are required to have closed toed shoes and pants. Shorts are not allowed.
No, we DO NOT have a minimum purchase for will call or pick up cash sales. There is a minimum requirement for deliveries in our delivery area. Your location will determine our minimum and delivery fee to your area. Please call one of our sales representatives at (813) 241-2801 for more information.
Don’t know what you need? We have a Selection Center set up just for you. An experienced Tampa Steel & Supply salesperson can answer your questions and discuss options showing you different products and solutions for your building, fabrication, and/or welding needs. We have a million+ dollars in inventory so you, in most cases, can get what you need that day.
It’s easy! You can either call us at (813) 241-2801 and speak with a sales representative or go to our website and complete a form for a quick response back.

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Yes, we have several catalogs. You can browse our products and services online or come by our office at 1301 N. 26th Street in Tampa and pick one up.

Here are links to our online catalogs:
TSS Handbook
Ornamental Wrought Iron Catalog
Ornamental Stainless Steel Catalog

Yes, we have an E-Commerce Site with a Live Chat feature to assist you through the buying process.

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Yes, we carry a large variety of new prime steel and pipe. Mill test reports are available upon request.

Yes, we sell stainless steel and aluminum. We also sell many other metals and are here to help you with anything else you might need.
While our LTP© steel and pipe is purchased in many different grades and types, we don’t sell it as a certain grade of material unless it is certified to be that grade and/or has mill test reports. In many cases, we mark the material with the information that it had mentioned on it when it came to us. We can’t be certain about the grade, so use this information at your own risk.
While our LTP© steel and pipe is purchased in many different grades and types, we don’t sell it as a certain grade of material unless it is certified to be that grade and/or has mill test reports. In many cases, we mark the material with the information that it had mentioned on it when it came to us. We can’t be certain as to the grade, so use this information at your own risk.
Unless you need mill certification for your material or you must have very clean material, we feel that it is of a great value to buy our LTP© steel or pipe. Our customers typically save from 10-40% or more, depending on the type of material purchased.
However you would like to get your material is fine with us. Pick it up, or we will deliver it. If you need it quickly and our trucks aren’t available, we are happy to arrange for faster delivery and charge it to your order with an alternate delivery method.
Yes! We will work with you to deliver your order to you as quickly as possible, whether we use our own trucks or an outside delivery service. We love instant gratification so we offer next-day delivery in most cases. Quick delivery means you can get the ball rolling on your projects.
Upon request, when you order steel and pipe without any cutting, we can have your order ready in 30 minutes or less. If you don’t need it that fast, we would appreciate 1-2 hours to process your order. If we are cutting material for you, please ask your salesperson for an approximate pick-up time.
We are able to have your material available to you whenever you need it. Whether we deliver it or you pick it up, we will work with your sense of urgency in mind. Even if you need it within the hour, the same day, or next-day, we are happy to help.
At Tampa Steel & Supply, we offer many additional services alongside our metal products including blasting, priming, and galvanizing to help you prevent and restore any blemishes or wear and tear on your metal.
Blasting is the answer to a variety of metal problems. Things like unsightly rust and old paint don’t stand a chance against the blasting technique. The blasting process easily removes everything from rust to paint to scale and corrosion from metal services. The result? Metal surfaces that are ready to be primed and painted or galvanized.
Primer is a type of paint that is commonly used to seal out air and act as a protective barrier between surfaces and a more durable top coat of paint. By blending epoxy and other premium resins, primers can offer excellent corrosion resistance and adhesion characteristics. We are proud to carry Sumter Coating’s premium paints, including various primers to help prevent and restore any metal blemishes. Let us facilitate your own priming.
Galvanizing is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to various metals to prevent rust. Once the zinc dries, it acts as a sacrificial coating in order to protect that metal from blemishes. We offer galvanized spray, an organic cold galvanizing compound, to help repair and protect various metal services. Additionally, we offer hot dip galvanizing, which a process where the material is dunked into a tank of molten zinc.
At Tampa Steel & Supply, we offer more than quality products. To supplement our customers’ metal orders, we offer various processing services too. Through our processing services, we can customize your order to your specific liking. Whether you need sheet metal sized appropriately or holes punched, Tampa Steel & Supply can help. We offer Plasma Cutting, Shearing, Torch Cutting, Bandsaw, Punching, and Saw Cut.
Plasma cutting is a process that is used to cut steel and other metals. Put simply, a gas is blown at a high speed from a nozzle while an electrical arc is formed through the gas. Some of the gas turns into a plasma which then melts through the metal quickly.
A metal shearing machine is used for cutting sheet metal, plate, aluminum, and stainless steel to size. This provides a cleaner cut and straighter edge than traditional torch cutting. The metal to be cut is held in place with hold-downs. The cuts are positioned by a squaring arm with scale on it or with a back gauge. Other angles are possible with an angle gauge. On some sheet metal shears and most plate shears, the blade gap is adjustable for different metal thicknesses. We use high-quality technology when it comes to metal shearing. The Hydraulic Sheet Metal Shear Machine Accurshear is the most accurate machine available of this type, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving the highest quality of metal shearing services.

Our machine’s maximum sizes to cut are:

Steel – ¼” Thickness x 10’ Long
Aluminum – 3/8” Thickness x 10’ Long
Stainless – 11 Gauge x 10’ Long

There are many ways to cut through metal, including torch cutting—a process that uses fuel gas and oxygen to cut and weld various metals.
A bandsaw is a power tool often used in metalworking. The band rides upon two wheels and can cut up to 400 feet per minute depending on the specifications.
Metal punching is used frequently when consumers need to create holes in sheet metal. Using a punching tool is the most economical way to make holes in strip and sheet metal.
This power tool works by using an abrasive disc and a clamping arrangement to cut through hard materials such as various metals.
Diamond Plate (also known as Checker Plate, Floor Plate, Tread Plate and Safety Plate) is a flat metal or plate with a raised pattern of lines or elongated diamonds on the surface of one side, usually made of carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum. This raised pattern can vary in design and size depending on the manufacturer. The pattern limits and reduces slipping on the surface making it very desirable for stairs, treads, platforms, walkways and industrial flooring application. This raised texture and look is also desired and used in decorative architectural façade panels and wall panels.
Stainless Steel is an iron alloy that is used in a wide range of everyday applications because of its exceptional resistance to stain and rust. There are more than 57 types of stainless steels that are used in an extensive number of applications and industries, such as building exteriors and roofing, water supply piping, bulk materials handling equipment, sporting goods, infrastructure such as railways and bridges, and many more.
Corten is also known as a weathering steel, resistant to weather. The name COR-TEN is a registered trademark of United State Steel Corporation (USS). This material was designated a grade by the ASTM International. The most recent comparable grade is ASTM A588.
Ornamental Iron is also known as Wrought Iron. Wrought iron designs are used for iron gates, whimsical doors, ornate balconies, and elaborate old-world wrought iron railings. Many of these components are still hand-made saluting the original blacksmiths of the past; these true artisans who spent a great deal of time perfecting their craft. It is because of their efforts that we are still able to enjoy the splendor of wrought iron today!

Tampa Steel & Supply is a distributor for several wrought iron manufacturers. We have access to over 30,000 components distributed worldwide. Because of this, professional fabricators and enthusiasts alike are able to select designs, shapes, supplies, and materials that may have been out of reach in the past. Many of these parts are also unique to the marketplace. While many of the unfinished wrought iron components are still made by hand, modern production techniques and large inventory levels make wrought iron parts more affordable.

Wrought iron parts can be painted and powder coated. Stainless steel and aluminum railing parts and accessories are also available.

Tampa Steel and Supply offers Delivery Monday- Friday within Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas. Your delivery fee is based on your specific location. Please contact a member of our knowledgeable sales staff to review and discuss your delivery options. In an effort to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, we also offer LTL Service and will do our best to limit the cost whenever possible. Speak with one of our Sales Representatives at (813) 241-2801 to determine the best options to meet your needs.
All sales are final and if a refund does need to be issued, it is done so on a case-by-case basis and subject to review.
Our customers can pay by cash, check, credit card ($10.00 min), debit card, ACH, wire transfer, or charge to a Tampa Steel & Supply account with approved credit.
Complete a Credit Application and email it to Our office will contact you.
Sí, tenemos varios empleados que hablan español en nuestra oficina.
Tampa Steel & Supply is located in Ybor City in the heart of Tampa, Florida.

Address: 1301 N. 26th Street, Tampa, Florida 33605.

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