How to Prevent Rust on Metal

What is Rust? Rust is a form of iron oxide. It occurs when iron combines with the oxygen in the air causing it to corrode. Rust is the orange-brown discoloration that builds up on metal. Rust can affect iron and […]

Historic Ybor Ornamental Highlight – Coppertail Brewing

“What is so fascinating about Ybor City is that the buildings and architecture are still here and tell a story. The sturdy cigar factories, elegant social clubs, quaint casitas and balconied storefronts are preserved and in productive use today – […]

10 Benefits of Galvanized Steel

Corrosion of metal happens especially with construction projects. Sustainability is a significant factor when choosing materials and contractors, due to enforced regulations as well as conscious and ethical decisions, to ensure that buildings are as sustainable as possible. Hot Dip Galvanizing […]

7 Benefits of Metal Shearing

Metals like steel and aluminum are prized for their versatility and durability. They are also popular because they can be cut and sized to the precise needs of consumers. At Tampa Steel & Supply, we not only supply quality metals, […]

9 Differences Between Aluminum and Steel

Aluminum and steel are very common substances that are used in everyday life and in almost everything we use. Aluminum is the most abundant metal on the Earth. Steel is one of the most popular alloys. Though these two are […]

Differences Between Tubes and Pipes

In the construction industry, Contractors, Builders, Fabricators, Welders, Sign Manufacturers, Machinists use pipe and tube every day. Even the general public or homeowner from time to time has to use these two products. Here is a list of the differences […]