Steel and Aluminum Tariffs in the U.S.

The recent announcements by President Trump regarding tariffs on imported steel and aluminum under Section 232 are having a major impact on pricing in the market and we expect it to continue over the next few months. The new tariffs that […]

What is Anodizing?

The Willis Tower (once known as the Sears Tower) in Chicago used anodized aluminum. Anodizing is a simple electrochemical process developed more than 75 years ago that forms a protective coating of aluminum oxide on the surface of the aluminum. The […]

Interesting Fun Facts About Steel

Steel is an extremely valuable commodity in today’s world. This useful product has created many livelihoods and has many uses. In fact, steel is one of the most important materials in the history of our planet, but few people know […]

How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel is commonly used to add a polished, modern touch to our bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor living spaces. While it’s beautiful, stainless steel is also a delicate material. You will need to keep your appliances properly maintained to hold […]

Benefits of Stainless Steel

With so many different types of metals on the market, choosing the right one for your home can be confusing. But with all of the benefits that stainless steel touts, selecting the right metal is a no-brainer. Stainless steel is […]

Spectacular Steel: Our Top 10 Favorite Works of Steel Art

If there is any building material that best represents American industry, it is steel. Check out our top ten favorite pieces of art constructed from our favorite metal. #1 Jeff Koons’ “Balloon Dog” Jeff Koons was born in York, Pennsylvania. […]

5 Palaces to Inspire Your Home’s Wrought Iron Fencing

You’ve learned about the history of wrought iron on our blog before. Wrought iron is an undeniable classic. Known for their distinctive scrolls, spear-points, and beautiful design. Wrought iron is a timeless classic, and it can add an air of elegance […]

Steel Artist Spotlight: Jon Allen

At Tampa Steel & Supply, we offer products and services to for a variety of projects. While some come to us for building materials for industrial design, we also supply metal to artists. In our newest series, Steel Artist Spotlight, […]