Interesting Welding Facts

The fabrication and sculptural process known as welding is important for numerous reasons. Without the process, many structures would cease to exist today. Want to learn more about welding? Here are six interesting welding-related links from around the web. The […]

Awe-Inspiring Works of Ornamental Iron

What comes to mind when you think of steel or various metals? For many of us, the word conjures images of skyscrapers, cars, and the like. But beyond industrial uses, the materials are also used in beautiful pieces of art. […]

How to Give Your Ornamental Metal a Makeover

A fresh coat of metal paint can give your ornamental metals a new look. But before painting your metal, it’s important to select the right products for the job. Tampa Steel and Supply is here to help prepare you for an ornamental […]

The History of Welding

Did you know some of the earliest examples of welding can be traced back to the Middle Ages? Check out our infographic for the full history of welding. Want to learn more about Welding? Tampa Steel & Supply is your […]

Do Electric Gates Add Value to a Property?

You’ve made quite an investment in your home already, and like most homeowners, you want to ensure you get a good return on that investment. Perspective buyers have high standards these days when it comes to the features they are […]