Interesting Welding Facts

Interesting Welding Facts

The fabrication and sculptural process known as welding is important for numerous reasons. Without the process, many structures would cease to exist today. Want to learn more about welding? Here are six interesting welding-related links from around the web.

The 5 Most Interesting Facts About Welding

Fact #1. Did you know? Some of the earliest examples of welding date as far back as the Middles Ages.

Fact #2. Interesting fact: The machinery industry manufactures industrial equipment and components that are made by cutting and welding steel plates. The industry also happens to be the third most steel-consuming industry in the world.

Fact #3. An interesting guide on preventing welding failures.

Fact #4. Fire! This hilarious (and dangerous) welding fail was caught on camera. Safety first, guys.

Fact #5. This cool father-daughter duo teaches welding at a California college.

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