Steel Artist Spotlight: Rustic Steel Creations

At Tampa Steel & Supply, we offer steel products and services to for a variety of projects. While some come to us for building materials for industrial design, we also supply products and services to artists. In our newest series, […]

DIY Soldering for Beginners

The majority of us have experienced the pain of burning our hands or fingers at least once. Knowing the pain associated with burnt skin makes soldering seem even more dangerous and scary! But with the right tools and equipment, soldering […]

When Sparks Fly: A History of Welding and Space

Humanity’s quest to venture beyond our planet Earth is an ancient one and one whose feats so far would’ve never been accomplished without welding. Over the years, bold and rigorous research and ingenuity have paved the way for space exploration […]

Welding Tips and Tricks

We at Tampa Steel and Supply know how difficult it can be when first starting out with welding. Rather than going at it alone, let us show you some of our favorite tips for those new to the craft of […]

Fun and Creative DIY Welding Project Ideas

7 Fun & Creative DIY Welding Project Ideas 1. Looking for fall welding project ideas? How about using horseshoes to form a metal pumpkin? 2. Consider making a rose for your loved one that won’t ever die—by welding metal to form the petals. […]

Scrap Metal Art

What comes to mind when you think of art? While most people may think of drawing, painting, and the like, art extends to many mediums. Scrap metal, for example, is used by artists near and far to construct three-dimensional pieces […]

Interesting Welding Facts

The fabrication and sculptural process known as welding is important for numerous reasons. Without the process, many structures would cease to exist today. Want to learn more about welding? Here are six interesting welding-related links from around the web. 5 […]

The Complete History of Welding

Did you know some of the earliest examples of welding can be traced back to the Middle Ages? Check out our infographic for the full history of welding. Come to Tampa Steel and Supply for Your Welding Needs Whether you […]