Rebar Uses

Uses for Rebar

Reinforcing steel bars – otherwise known as Rebar for short – are primarily used to help alleviate tension forces that concrete may experience. Concrete on its own is plenty strong enough to go up against most forces of nature, but when experiencing tension forces, the reliable material may crack.

Rebar is typically seen in construction projects such as building a foundation in residential homes, highway pavement, and bridges built in segments to fortify the attachment of the subsequent pieces.

Now that you are familiar with the popular uses of rebar, here are 6 unique uses for rebar that can amplify your home, workspaces, and even garden!

6 Unique Uses for Rebar

1. Art

If you lean towards a minimalist and/or rustic aesthetic, rebar is a great option. You can shape it into different shapes and angles that mimic what you see in nature. This idea is great next to a flower bed for a more Zen feeling. And if you’re feeling more creative, you can use the rebar for sculpturing!

2. Forging

For the more seasoned metal connoisseurs, rebar is great steel to practice your forging technique with. You can practice drawing, punching, welding, forge welding, and much more. If you already are comfortable with your forging skills, rebar serves as a solid material to create brackets and tools.

3. Door Handles

If you’re redoing your kitchen and want to liven up your existing cabinets, rebar serves as a practical and aesthetically pleasing fix. Cut and weld them to size and spray them your desired color and you will have a beautiful, inexpensive update.

4. Gate Door

The white picket fence is part of the American dream. However, sometimes a little shift to something new can make a world of difference. If your fence is looking too plain, change out the existing gate to your backyard or garden to a rebar one. It will be seen as a statement piece and will catch eyes every time someone enters or leaves.

5. Coffee Table

If you’re more acquainted with rebar and are up to the task of a time-consuming project, look to create a coffee table! Create the design you seek, add a glass top and you got yourself a piece of furniture that will last a lifetime. The simplicity and minimalism of a rebar coffee table will have all your guests asking where you got it from (this is where you can take the time to pat yourself on the back).

6. Tools

As the saying goes “iron sharpens iron.” The same holds true when creating tools out of rebar. A popular tool to make out of rebar, if you have a thick enough piece, is a chisel. Rebar is strong enough to pierce through concrete and other blacksmithing practice. Simply, cut the rebar to about 8-9” and then grind down the end until sharp and you will have yourself a heavy-duty chisel.

Now that you have some inspiration, invest in some rebar, and get to crafting up your next big project!

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