Metal Facts

Metals are interesting, overlooked — and everywhere! In fact, it’s estimated that about 75% of known elements in the world are metals. Metals are used in so many ways that we see, use, and enjoy in our everyday lives, and […]

Can You Weld Pot Metal?

There are many questions about welding pot metal. This is a popular way to reuse the scrap metal that you have leftover from your welding. Let’s dig into what pot metal is, the welding process for pot metals, and the […]

How to Engrave Metal

There are many ways to engrave metal, including using a Dremel engraving tool, a laser engraver, or engrave by hand. This article will outline the tools you will need and the steps to take to properly engrave metal. How to […]

How to Spray Paint Metal

There are many ways to spray paint metal, however, there is one key way to ensure your spray paint stays on your item for good. Read on to see how you can spray paint your objects correctly. Materials You’ll Need […]

How to Cut Sheet Metal

There are many different ways you can cut sheet metal. Read on to learn the steps you can take to successfully cut sheet metal by yourself. The steps include gathering your metals and setting up your workstation, using tin snips, […]

How to Protect Outdoor Metal Art

We know you spent so much time carefully choosing and scouting to get that perfect outdoor art for your home! But once you have it, what steps can you take to ensure it looks good as new for as long […]

Best Metal Cutting Tools

There are many tools you can use to cut through metal to get the results you need. Each is different and has a unique cut that makes them stand out from the crowd. They also come with their own pros […]

What is CNC Machining?

CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control. It’s the process of pre-programing software that tells the machine how and when to move to create something you need. There are many benefits of using CNC machines to handle your workload. This article […]

Advantages of Using A Band Saw

A band saw is a tool used to cut objects with a long toothed metal blade and come in many shapes and sizes. Band saws can cut through objects such as metal, wood, and meat. There are many advantages to using a […]

How to Paint Metal

When it comes to painting metal, you should have a plan in place. It can be extremely difficult just to wing it. Preparation is key to having success painting your metal. Here is how you can do it: Prep And […]