How to Etch Metal

How to Etch Metal

Have you ever wondered how to etch metal? We’re frequently asked about this process here at Tampa Steel & Supply, so we’ve created this how-to guide to etching metal to create your very own work of metal art.

What metals can be etched?

Many metals can be etched. It is recommended you use a 22-gauge or thicker metal sheet. This is so you can ensure your metal is thick enough to hold an etched design. The worst thing you can do is cut through your metal and have to start all over again.

Materials You Will Need

There are many materials you’ll need in order to etch your metal. The materials you will need are:

  • Table salt
  • Roll of electrical tape
  • 12-volt power supply
  • Small bowl or tub
  • Metal that you want to etch
  • Respirator
  • Pair of gloves
  • Warm water
  • Q-tips
  • Scouring pad
  • Wire cutters
  • Tablespoon
  • Pen

How to Etch Metal in 7 Steps

Step 1. Mix Your Salt Solution

Once you get all your materials in order, you will want to start mixing your salt solution. Slide your gloves on and put warm water in your tub and mix some salt in. This solution allows you to easily conduct electricity and help remove metal during this process.

Step 2. Prep Your Q-Tip

To prep your Q-tip, take the wire cutters and remove the insulation from the short piece of wire. Next, secure the wire to the head of the Q-tip and twist it around the cotton. Then ensure the wire is around the cotton part and not the stick. To prep this for being connected to the power supply, remove the insulation from the other end of the wire.

Step 3. Tape The Metal

Next, it’s time to choose where you will put your design. Take your electrical tape and cut it into strips. From there, you’ll want to stick the strips to the metal and ensure they overlap.

Step 4. Draw Your Design

For step four, you will want to draw your design with a pen. Simply draw your design inside of the tape that you laid out.

Step 5. Put Together Your Machine

Next, you will need to attach a clip to the metal. From there, connect the wire from it to the power supply that is positive. Then take your Q-Tip and connect it to the negative power supply.

Step 6. Etch Your Metal and Remove the Tape

During step six, you can etch your design into the metal! When you are done, you can remove the tape. To etch, dip the Q-tip in the salt solution and let it absorb in the cotton for at least ten seconds. Then take it out, turn the power supply on, and rub the soaked Q-tip on the metal where it will be etched. It is important to refrain from breathing in the gas that will be made from this. The gas that’s created is normal and expected — just don’t breathe it in.

Step 7. Clean It All Off

Now this is where your scouring pad comes in. Use it to rub over your etched metal to clean off all the extra bits you may not want on your design.

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