At Tampa Steel & Supply, we love a good bargain, which is why in addition to our extensive list of new products, we buy and sell products too. We can buy from you when you find yourself with excess product, or you can visit our warehouse to see all of the surplus bargains we’re selling.

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We Buy Surplus Metal!

It happens to all of us; sometimes we simply order too much product. Metal orders can be cut wrong; projects can change or be canceled. Whatever the case, if you find yourself with excess steel or metal, Tampa Steel & Supply can buy it from you.

We Sell Surplus Metal too!

When businesses suddenly close, projects change their design direction or someone simply overstocks, we make sure to get the excess materials. By scoping out these great deals, we can feature excess inventory for you at greatly reduced prices. Our list of surplus offerings is always changing, so be sure to check Tampa Steel & Supply regularly to get first dibs on the best products at low prices!

Buy Surplus Steel
Sell Surplus Steel

Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks

Did you know that holding onto excess inventory can pose a big risk for you or your business? Here’s why you should reconsider holding onto that excess metal that’s laying around:

Storage Costs: Excess steel and metal inventory can cost you extra money if you have to pay for storage, maintenance, and security.

Handling Costs: If you have excess inventory, handling costs can quickly add up and cost you or your business money.

Extra Space: Old inventory takes up space, and when it does, current or incoming inventory might not have a place for it to be properly stored. Ultimately, excess inventory can cause many missed opportunities for your business—from handling costs to underutilized space. It’s time to sell your old metal and steel supply.

Buy & Sell Surplus Steel

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At Tampa Steel & Supply, we pride ourselves on our extensive list of high-quality products, including our wide selection of surplus products. Whether you’re looking to sell your excess metal or find secondary metal at a great price, we have a little something for everyone.

Buying and selling surplus products are just a few of our offerings, but you can view our complete list of products and services here. And as always, if you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us and be sure to visit Tampa Steel & Supply today!

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