The Most Unusual Things Made Out of Steel

Steel is not only used for industrial purposes. Stainless steel can be molded into amazing custom gifts and home decor pieces that are long-lasting and pleasing to see. The 6 Most Unusual Things Made Out of Steel 1. Wedding Anniversary […]

Why Anodized Aluminum Cookware Is Best

Anodized aluminum cookware is an amazing innovation in cookware technology. Not only is it more durable, thereby more resistant to corrosion, but it’s also safer and healthier to cook with. When cooking with anodized aluminum cookware, less aluminum gets transferred […]

DIY Furniture Projects Using Steel & Aluminum Tubing

Steel pipe and aluminum pipe aren’t just used as construction supplies. You can create all kinds of chic, unique, and impressive furniture with these sleek and visually interesting materials. If you’re into DIY projects and industrial or rustic farmhouse decor, […]