DIY Furniture Projects Using Steel & Aluminum Tubing

DIY Furniture Projects Using Steel & Aluminum Tubing

Steel pipe and aluminum pipe aren’t just used as construction supplies. You can create all kinds of chic, unique, and impressive furniture with these sleek and visually interesting materials. If you’re into DIY projects and industrial or rustic farmhouse decor, these ideas are for you!

5 DIY Furniture Projects Using Steel & Aluminum Tubing

#1. To get your feet wet and the inspiration flowing, check out some great project designs like the bookshelves and lighting fixtures featured at Architecture Art Design. Add an industrial touch to your home decor by crafting furniture pieces out of plumbing pipes.

#2. Now this is cool. How about a steel pipe chandelier? Using steel pipes to create light fixtures gives a modern and dashing look to any room.

#3. Firewood holders, towel racks, end tables, oh my! We’re oohing and aahing over furniture pieces crafted with industrial piping. For more ideas, visit Decorating Your Small Space.

#4. Function meets awesome with this wood pallet and metal pipe desk. A simple and elegant design that will make long hours of work something to look forward to.

#5. Steel pipe hooks are perfect for hanging keys, coats, and, well, just about anything. A clever and simple way to save space, and a creative use of steel for home improvement projects.

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