Awe-Inspiring Works of Ornamental Iron

What comes to mind when you think of steel or various metals? For many of us, the word conjures images of skyscrapers, cars, and the like. But beyond industrial uses, the materials are also used in beautiful pieces of art. Take a look at these ornamental iron works that inspire us.

Our 5 Favorite Works of Ornamental Iron

1. Have you checked out our ornamental metal offerings? We offer an extensive list of products, including fabrication accessories to boot.

2. These famous sculptures are all made of stainless steel. Have you seen any in person?

3. Have you ever been to Savannah, Georgia? Savannah is well known for its magnificent ironwork.

4. Phillip Simmons was one of the most iconic metalsmiths in the United States. Raised in South Carolina, you can view a map of his most popular works in the Charleston area.

5. ICYMI: Our architectural metal catalog is full of inspiration. And did we mention you can view it for free?

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