How to Polish Stainless Steel

At Tampa Steel & Supply, we love our stainless steel for its sleek, contemporary look. However, this “stainless” metal doesn’t always live up to its name, especially when used in the kitchen or exposed to outdoor elements. To keep your […]

Is Stainless Steel Cookware Safe?

Stainless steel is a popular metal known for its durable, versatile, and corrosion properties. While stainless steel is used in everything from automobile parts to medical tools, it is also commonly found in kitchens. Are you using stainless steel cookware […]

Is Aluminum a Metal?

Yep. Aluminum is definitely a metal. In fact, it’s the most abundant metal in Earth’s crust. Not only that, but it’s the second most abundant material in Earth’s crust after silicon. And luckily for you, Tampa Steel and Supply has […]

What are the Strongest and Hardest Metals on Earth?

From multi-level parking garages to skyscrapers amidst a bustling city, modern industrial processes need materials that are capable of withstanding a lot. On the hunt for strong materials, engineers turn to metals, thanks in part to their strength, availability, and […]

Does Aluminum Rust?

Aluminum does not rust, but it does corrode. Rust causes metal to change in color and consistency, making it easy to spot. However, aluminum corrosion is often more subtle. Learn more about the different forms of corrosion aluminum is susceptible to and […]