How to Polish Stainless Steel

How to Polish Stainless Steel

At Tampa Steel & Supply, we love our stainless steel for its sleek, contemporary look. However, this “stainless” metal doesn’t always live up to its name, especially when used in the kitchen or exposed to outdoor elements. To keep your stainless steel looking shiny and new, a thorough polishing is in order from time to time. While a professional polish may be necessary for tougher jobs, you can get your stainless steel looking great with something you have right in your pantry: olive oil!

From your stainless pots and pans to the door of your refrigerator, a few drops of oil will get the job done. So skip the trip to the hardware store and make a trip to your kitchen instead. Here’s how to easily and effectively polish your stainless steel with olive oil.

How to Polish Stainless Steel With Olive Oil in 4 Steps

Step 1. Clean Your Stainless Steel

Use dish soap and warm water to clean the piece you are going to polish. Don’t worry about watermarks or streaks at this point; just make sure there is no soapy residue left over.

Step 2. Dry It Off

Once the piece has been washed and rinsed, dry it off with a soft cloth. If you don’t mind waiting, you can also let it air dry.

Step 3. Spread the Polish

Pour a conservative amount (a few drops should do, but it depends on the size of the piece) of olive oil onto a dry towel. Apply the polish evenly over the surface of the item. Wipe the cloth from side to side or top to bottom so that a visible sheen appears over the entire surface. The coating should be thorough but thin.

Step 4. Buff It In

Now it’s time to work the oil into the grooves of the steel. Using the same cloth, apply pressure to the piece in small circular motions. Keep buffing in the oil until you notice the surface has become smoother in texture. This may take a couple of minutes, depending on how large the item is. When you are finished buffing, your steel should look shiny and smooth and should not feel greasy to the touch.

Keep Your Stainless Steel Looking Great With Tampa Steel & Supply

When your stainless steel begins to lose its luster, a little olive oil should do the trick. However, for tougher jobs – especially those involving large pieces and stainless steel that is used outdoors – a professional polish may be necessary. At Tampa Steel & Supply, we provide all the polishes, primers, and paints you need to keep your steel products looking beautiful! Learn more about the fabrication accessories we carry online or give us a call today to speak with a friendly representative.

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