Why You Should Choose Aluminum for Your Next Project

Next in line to steel, aluminum is one of the most popular metals out there—and for good reason. Besides being durable, aluminum is extremely versatile too, making it a great option for just about any project. 5 Reasons to Choose […]

Blasting, Priming and Galvanizing 101

Metal is one of the sturdiest materials in the world, which is why it’s used in everything from building construction to the fabrication of HVAC ventilation systems. Though metal is engineered to last an incredibly long time, it is not […]

The Benefits of Aluminum in Construction

Today businesses around the world maintain a high demand for aluminum. Once considered so rare that Napoleon III of France used to bring out aluminum plates at formal state dinners, today most people have seen and used numerous items containing aluminum. China reports […]

Scrap Metal Art

What comes to mind when you think of art? While most people may think of drawing, painting, and the like, art extends to many mediums. Scrap metal, for example, is used by artists near and far to construct three-dimensional pieces […]