Benefits of Aluminum in Construction

The Benefits of Aluminum in Construction

Today businesses around the world maintain a high demand for aluminum. Once considered so rare that Napoleon III of France used to bring out aluminum plates at formal state dinners, today most people have seen and used numerous items containing aluminum. China reports producing over five times the volume of aluminum mined in the USA, refining thousands of metric tons of ore every year. What generates the ongoing high demand for this metal?

6 Benefits of Aluminum in Construction

Aluminum creates demand because it provides many useful properties. All these qualities contribute to the popularity of aluminum for a wide variety of purposes.

1. Corrosion Resistance

First, it resists corrosion better than most other types of metal.

2. Flexible and Strong

It’s strong, yet lightweight and supplies great flexibility, which permits manufacturers to bend, shape, stamp, and mold a wide array of useful product designs.

3. Recyclable

Aluminum doesn’t clutter landfills and people can recycle aluminum items easily.

4. Durable

The steel is durable and can withstand harsh environmental conditions well.

5. Conducts Heat

Aluminum conducts heat very effectively.

6. Easily Paintable

aluminum surfaces accept paint readily.

Some Aluminum Use Illustrations

Considering the numerous benefits of aluminum, it seems strange that no one invented a cost-effective way of refining this metal until 1889. In the intervening years, aluminum gained widespread utility. In this century, people use aluminum for products as diverse as gigantic naval vessels and disposable soda pop cans. Whether you seek an inexpensive lightweight plumbing fixture or a paintbrush, you’ve likely encountered aluminum on many occasions already. Its benefits render this metal essential for modern society.

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