Fluoropolymers. We encounter them on a daily basis, and they help much of our surrounding world and society function efficiently. As American chemist Roy Plunkett once said, “From stovetops to outer space, from electronics to ecology, from architecture to the […]

Welding Tips and Tricks

We at Tampa Steel and Supply know how difficult it can be when first starting out with welding. Rather than going at it alone, let us show you some of our favorite tips for those new to the craft of […]

Homemade DIY Metal Cleaners

If your metal fixtures or belongings are starting to look tarnished, you don’t have to run out to the store for special chemicals. A few common household items can often work wonders. 5 Homemade DIY Metal Cleaners 1. Silver Polish […]

Women Who Paved the Way for Female Architects and Engineers

When you picture an engineer or an architect, do you automatically picture a man? While these industry positions are still largely held by men, female architects and engineers have been making enormous and critical contributions in both fields for well over […]

Home Improvement Trends

Over the years, we at Tampa Steel & Supply have seen home design trends come and go. Working with homeowners, designers, and major construction companies has helped us hone our ability to catch trends. We forecast these ten home designs […]