5 Inspirational Women Who Paved the Way for Female Architects and Engineers

Women Who Paved the Way for Female Architects and Engineers

When you picture an engineer or an architect, do you automatically picture a man? While these industry positions are still largely held by men, female architects and engineers have been making enormous and critical contributions in both fields for well over a century—and many people are unaware!

5 Women Who Paved the Way for Female Architects and Engineers

In honor of National Women’s History Month, let’s take a look at five women who have helped shape the landscape of American engineering and architecture.

1. Margaret Ingles

(Image: www.kywomenshistoryproject.com)

Margaret Ingles has the distinction of being the first American woman to earn the professional degree of Mechanical Engineer.

2. Emily Warren Roebling

(Image: www.tellingherstories.com)

Did you know the first person to cross the Brooklyn Bridge was a woman? Emily Warren Roebling also effectively served as the iconic bridge’s lead engineer after her husband and father-in-law fell ill.

3. Julia Morgan

(Image: www.archdaily.com)

We’d love to live in a house as gorgeous as Hearst Castle, designed by engineering pioneer Julia Morgan.

4. Ellen Biddle Shipman

(Image: indianapublicmedia.org)

Forced to support herself after her divorce, Ellen Biddle Shipman grew her landscaping business into an empire. She became known as the “Dean of American Landscape Architecture” and forever changed women’s role in the architectural landscaping field.

5. Marion Mahoney Griffin

(Image: ias.umn.edu)

The first employee hired by Frank Lloyd Wright was Chicago-born Marion Mahoney Griffin, who helped Wright achieve his success with her unique, artistic drafting style.

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