scrap metal art

Scrap Metal Art

What comes to mind when you think of art? While most people may think of drawing, painting, and the like, art extends to many mediums. Scrap metal, for example, is used by artists near and far to construct three-dimensional pieces of art. Check out seven of Tampa Steel and Supply’s favorite awe-inspiring scrap metal sculptures from artists around the world below.

The 7 Most Amazing Works of Art Made from Scrap Metal

1. Black Hawk

Image: Metro International

Black Hawk is a magnificent life size workhorse that creates the desire to push forward.

2. Scrap Metal Lion

Image: Oldskull

This scrap metal lion captures the animal’s majestic beauty.

3. Steampunk Pegasus

Image: Twisted Sifter

The mythological Pegasus captures the animal’s freedom, which parallels our own desire for freedom.

4. Metal Insect Sculptures

Image: The Endless Swarm

These larger than life sculptures of insects remind us to remember the little things in life.

5. Scrap Metal Skeleton

Image: Boing Boing

This scrap metal skeleton shows how all life is transient.

6. Bike Rack Made of Bike Parts

Image: We Blog the World

A bike rack made of bike parts? This sculpture depicts the full circle of life: what is old is new again.

7. Scrap Metal Yoda

Image: Walyou

Yoda reminds us, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

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