How to Give Your Ornamental Metal a Makeover

How to Give Your Ornamental Metal a Makeover

A fresh coat of metal paint can give your ornamental metals a new look. But before painting your metal, it’s important to select the right products for the job. Tampa Steel and Supply is here to help prepare you for an ornamental metal makeover of any size or scope.

Satin Shield, for example, is a popular line of “direct-to-metal” coatings that boast quick drying times and come in the full spectrum of colors. Learn how Satin Shield can help give your ornamental metal a facelift here.

Give Your Ornamental Metal a Makeover With Metal Paint


What are the Benefits of Satin Shield Paints?

Satin Shield paints are a great option for ornamental metals for many reasons, including:

  • Chrome-Free
  • Easy Application
  • Rust-Inhibiting
  • Primer Qualities
  • Built-In Topcoat
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Durable, Attractive Finish

How Is Metal Paint Applied?

The Satin Shield line of paint is a great option for those looking to easily give their ornamental metals a new look without investing too much time or money. These paints are a convenient option because they can be applied in numerous ways. Conventional painting, airless spray, brush, rolled or dipped are all painting methods that can be used.

Metal Paint Products at Tampa Steel and Supply

At Tampa Steel and Supply, we’re proud to stock a variety of paints for your ornamental metal needs, including:

  • Satin Shield Black & Colors
  • Black Acrylic Modified Enamel
  • High Gloss Black Enamel
  • Flat Black Enamel
  • Firebox Black
  • Uni-Pox Primer
  • Red Shopcoat Primer
  • High Solids Universal Red Primer
  • W/R Sure Grip
  • NuCharge It!™ Paints
  • Redi-Spray
  • Galvalox

Contact Tampa Steel and Supply for All Metal Needs

When it comes to metal services, painting is just one way to improve the overall appearance of your metals. To learn more ways you can give your metals a makeover, contact the professionals at Tampa Steel & Supply. Give us a call today to learn more, or come by our beautiful Tampa showroom.

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