Metal Paints

Tampa Steel & Supply is proud to offer Sumter Coatings’ premium metal coatings for ornamental & miscellaneous metals.

The popular Satin Shield line of paints is a fast-drying “direct-to-metal” coating offered in many popular colors. Satin Shield is lead and chrome free and may be applied by conventional or airless spray, brush, roller, or dipped. Its unique formulation with built-in rust inhibitors acts as a primer and topcoat to reduce corrosion while obtaining a durable, attractive finish. We also offer High Gloss Coatings and an assortment of Primers to meet all your requirements.

All of Sumter Coatings materials are superior in quality and provide the highest performance in the industry.

Metal Paints

Our Metal Paints at Tampa Steel

Satin Shield Black & Colors 885N2100

This #1 true ornamental iron finish offers a self-priming system for direct-to-metal applications. The built-in rust inhibitors make this product ready to use without a primer. Satin Shield is great for handrails, castings, tubing, security bars, screening, grills, gates, and much more.

Black Acrylic Modified Enamel 873N3342

Specially formulated for miscellaneous metals requiring durable, fast drying, high gloss finishes. This product is tough, flexible, and resistant to many chemicals and should be used with one of Sumter Coatings’ Primers. Perfect for new or previously painted surfaces. Also available in white (873W3311). Packaged in 1s.

High Gloss Black Enamel 882N0090

An economical fast drying modified enamel that offers high gloss with excellent color and gloss retention. This product is recommended over one of our primers for exterior use. Packaged in 1s and 5s.

Flat Black Enamel 885N3879

A lower sheen version of our popular “Satin Shield.” This product has built-in rust inhibitors and performs as a primer and/or top-coat. Desiring that wrought iron look? Then this is the product of choice. Available in 1s or 5s.

Firebox Black 843N3619

Our high heat paint for barbecue grills, stoves, fireplace tools, etc., offering heat resistance up to 850˚F.

Uni-Pox Primer (855-Line)

This great product is a premium blend of epoxy and other premium resins. Uni-Pox offers high solids, low VOC, excellent corrosion resistance, and excellent adhesion characteristics. This primer can be top-coated with most paints normally within the hour and is available in three colors: Gray-Green (1368), Off White (1370), and Gray (1373).

Red Shopcoat Primer 801R2712

An economical fast drying modified enamel that offers high gloss with excellent color and gloss retention. We recommend using this product over one of our primers for exterior use. Packaged in 1s and 5s.

High Solids Universal Red Primer 100R1369

Our Premium Universal Quick Dry Primer is a quality product that offers high solids and low VOC. This product can be top coated with epoxies, urethanes, acrylics, enamels, and many other finishes without critical re-coat time. Also available in gray (100D1364). Packaged in 1s, 5s, and aerosols.

W/R Sure Grip (PFGA)

A water reducible black used as a primer or a low-lustre finish over galvanized or aluminum substrates. This product gives that added adhesion required for painting over non-porous surfaces. Available in 1s only.

NuCharge It!™ Paints

Electrostatic paints offered in an Acrylic Enamel, Two-Part Acrylic Urethane, and a Two-Part Epoxy. These products are ready to spray using various types of electrostatic spray equipment without thinning. Get the maximum coverage using “Electrostatic Application” eliminating over-spray. Offered in black, white, and custom colors. Download the Color Chart.


Convenient Ready-to-Use Aerosol packaged in 12-ounce cans designed for touch-ups and quick repairs. Available in many of our products and filled from the same production batches that gallons are filled with, so you can be assured of consistent color matches.

Galvalox (Cold Galvanizing Compound)

Galvalox is an organic Cold Galvanizing Compound that contains over 90% zinc in the dried film, protecting the steel substrate by acting as a sacrificial coating. Galvalox is ideal for the repair and maintenance of hot dipped galvanizing. Available in 1s, quarts, and aerosols.

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