Uses for Steel Pipe Bollards

Uses for Steel Pipe Bollards

Steel pipe bollards are made by filling heavy-duty pipes with concentre and inserting them into the ground. The pipes are embedded so deep and constructed with such durable materials that they can withstand severe impact and shocks. For those who are unfamiliar with steel pipe bollards, you may not realize just how beneficial they can be when used in a variety of applications. Learn more about three common uses for steel pipe bollards below.

3 Common Uses for Steel Pipe Bollards

1. Security

Have you ever noticed those large concrete things sticking out of the ground in front of your bank and ATMs? Those are steel pipe bollards and they’re common in front of banks, ATMs, and the like to prevent car intrusions and security breaches.

2. Traffic Control

In areas where heavy traffics makes getting around difficult, steel pipe bollards can help. By having steel pipe bollards installed the guide both traffic and pedestrians, the number of accidents can be significantly decreased.

3. Decoration

Steel pipe bollards aren’t always used just for security and traffic control. In other instances, they are used for a decorative touch (after they have been sanded and painted of course). When outlining a building, walkway, or other structure, steel pipe bollards add a unique touch and can help those who have vision difficulties see walkways clearly.

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