Surplus Steel Benefits

Surplus Steel Benefits

You just got tasked with purchasing steel for a project. What do you do? Well, you could go to a steel supplier/warehouse and get all new material. That wouldn’t be a bad idea but depending on your needs, it may not be necessary. Your other option, which your wallet will thank you for, is to procure surplus steel. Now you may be asking yourself why should I even consider getting old material? Well, there are plenty of reasons why you should! Read here for 4 advantages to buying surplus steel for your next project.

4 Benefits of Surplus Steel

1. Tight Budget

No matter what industry you’re in, buying new will always be more expensive. Luckily, in the steel industry, it’s pretty normal when projects overestimate the amount of material they will need to accomplish jobs. Rather than the material going to waste, customers will sell back the surplus to steel suppliers to be able to recoup some of the costs.

However, when that is done, the surplus material is available from those steel suppliers at a discounted rate. The status of the surplus steel is entirely dependent on how old the material is, where it is stored, and how much it has interacted with weather elements. Do expect rust and dings to the material, but it should be perfectly fine for most jobs where the steel will not be noticeable.

2. Save The Environment

As with any new product, it will have to go through the process of manufacturing and transportation, which amounts to a large amount of energy and non-renewable resources being utilized. This obviously will attribute to a negative carbon footprint that many people and industries are fighting to eradicate or at least limit.

And if that sounds like something you want to be a part of when purchasing steel, surplus is your best option. As the steel has already gone through the manufacturing and transportation process, you are cutting off the cycle from happening again. Although steel is grey/silver, you can still be green!

3. Beauty is in The Eye Of The Beholder

As with anything in construction, the material you need comes down to what is the end-use of it. Whether the material is for aesthetics or for functional purposes will determine your purchases. As for surplus steel, there has been a renaissance in the more rustic, industrial aesthetic for homes and businesses. That’s where surplus steel can shine due to the natural oxidation that steel undergoes. The steel adopts different textures and colors, which as of right now are desirable traits. On the other hand, surplus can also be blasted, primed, and painted.

4. Function Over Looks

When in the market for surplus steel, if the steel is not pitted or rusted beyond use, you will be getting products that provide the same structural strength as any new products. However, as mentioned before, surplus steel’s rusted look is a trend right now. But if that is not an aesthetic you subscribe to or the project you are working on does not call for cosmetic needs, surplus steel makes a lot of sense. Most of the time, if the steel you are installing will not be viewed, then surplus steel will do the job at a discounted rate.

Now that you’re privy to the advantages of purchasing surplus steel, save your money, save the environment, and save yourself from future headaches!

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