Aluminum Gift Ideas for 10-Year Anniversary

Aluminum Gift Ideas for 10-Year Anniversary

Congratulations on celebrating your 10-year wedding anniversary. Did you know that ten years is exactly 5,256,000 minutes, 876,000 hours, or 3,650 days that you have been married to one person? Now that is something worth celebrating!

“Because your 10th anniversary marks such a monumental point in your marriage, you need a gift for your significant other that’s truly wow-worthy and reflects your unique relationship. To make your present selection process easier, we rounded up the best 10-year anniversary gifts for him, her, and them for any budget. For 10-year anniversaries, the traditional gifts are tin or aluminum. These metals reflect your marriage’s resilience and tougher-than-nails strength,” explains

Traditional 10th Anniversary Gift: Aluminum or tin. The pliability of tin and aluminum is a symbol of how a successful marriage needs to be flexible and durable and how it can be bent without being broken.

Contemporary 10th Anniversary Gift: Diamond jewelry. A marriage that lasts ten years is as durable and beautiful as a diamond.

10th Anniversary Gemstone: Diamond jewelry or blue sapphire.

10th Anniversary Color: Silver or blue.

10th Anniversary Flower: The 10th-anniversary flower is the daffodil. Trumpet-shaped daffodils represent joy, cheerfulness, and happiness.

11 Aluminum Gifts for 10th Year Wedding Anniversary

Here is a list of creative anniversary gifts made of aluminum:

1. Money Clip

If he hates the bulk of a traditional wallet, a razor-thin money clip is sure to streamline all of his currency. There are even slots for credit cards.

2. Apple Watch

Sync your loved one’s wrist up with all of their gadgets. Bonus points if you light it up with an “I love you” text immediately after they slip it on.

3. Dutch Oven

Sleek, non-stick option, perfect for all your slow-cooking needs.

4. Fountain Pen

A fountain pen is one he’ll be excited to display on his desk.

5. Bowl

Fill a luxe hammered bowl with just about anything—a favorite candy, potpourri, or even game day snacks.

6. Tie Clip

His favorite tie just got even better thanks to a personalized clip. Monogram it with his initials or yours, so he’ll have you with him all day.

7. Tumblers

Mix and match these colorful aluminum cups or stick with one hue. Either way, they’re sure to become a new favorite in your kitchen.

8. Coaster Set

An ash wood and aluminum caddy helps get these stone coasters extra cold, so his favorite craft beer stays that way, too.

9. BBQ Set

Your favorite grill master is sure to get a kick out of this kit. The stainless-steel appliances come in an aluminum briefcase that looks very FBI official. Makes sense, since he takes grilling that seriously.

10. Aluminum Photo Print

Time to get creative. This company will print just about any photo you’d like onto aluminum, a medium that’s durable enough to be left outside. In other words, your backdoor patio is about to get a lot more personal.

11. Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

To make delicious lattes at home.

Romantic Handmade Gift Suggestions for Your 10th Anniversary

Stuff a pretty tin box with new paper money, confetti, love notes, books on romance, magazines, love coupons, a current picture of the two of you, etc.

Put together a CD with songs from the year you were married.

Assemble a memory photo album with pictures highlighting your 10 years together.

Write a love note with daffodils printed on it.

Make “love coupons” for your sweetheart.

First through Sixth Year Anniversary Gifts

Just in case you do not know the specific gifts to give each anniversary, here is a list of the first six years. Most people know that the anniversary gifts for the 25th anniversary are silver and the 50th anniversary is gold.

Year                        Traditional Gift          Modern Gift

1st                            Paper                           Clocks

2nd                           Cotton                          China

3rd                            Leather                        Crystal, Glass

4th                            Linen, Silk                    Electrical Appliances

5th                            Wood                           Silverware

6th                            Iron                              Wood

Have a wonderful 10-Year Anniversary lovebirds!

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