Advantages of Galvanized Steel

Advantages of Galvanized Steel

Corrosion of metal happens regularly during construction projects, but it’s something that you can work to avoid with the right materials and processes. Sustainability is a significant factor when choosing materials and contractors due to enforced regulations as well as conscious and ethical decisions to ensure that buildings are as sustainable as possible.

Hot-dip galvanizing is one of the most environmentally friendly finishing processes available to prevent corrosion. Galvanizing is highly sustainable and produces minimal waste. Keep reading to discover what galvanizing is and the benefits of galvanized steel.

What is galvanizing?

Galvanizing is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to various metals to prevent rust. Once the zinc dries, it acts as a sacrificial coating in order to protect that metal from blemishes. Spray galvanize is an organic cold galvanizing compound used to help repair and protect various metal surfaces. Hot-dip galvanizing is a process where the material is dunked into a tank of molten zinc.

Prepared items are galvanized by immersion in molten zinc. The surface of the work is completely covered, producing a uniform coating of zinc and zinc-iron alloy layers whose thickness is determined principally by the mass of the steel being galvanized. This is an important advantage of the galvanizing process – a standard minimum coating thickness is applied automatically.

10 Advantages of Galvanized Steel

There are many benefits of galvanizing structural steel. Today we’re going to share ten of the top benefits that anyone will notice when they switch to using this type of material over other options on the market.

1. Economic Benefits

Galvanizing has a lower overall cost compared to other coatings. If you are looking to save money on construction projects, then you’ll want to make sure you switch over to galvanized steel as soon as possible. This can help to save a fortune when you are using this material in large quantities, ensuring that you keep on track with your budget for any project you are working on.

2. Durability

Coating life and performance are reliable and predictable. You’ll find that one of the top benefits of galvanized steel is that it’s much more durable than regular steel. The coating helps to protect the material, reducing the chance of corrosion. This means you’ll be much less likely to need to replace the material in the future, which is essential for most types of construction projects.

3. Less Maintenance

Galvanized steel lasts far longer than other materials and needs less maintenance. This will save you time and resources in the long run, which can be better used elsewhere to maintain your projects and materials.

4. Long Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of galvanized coatings on most structural members is typically in excess of 50 years in most rural environments and 20 to 25 years or more with severe urban and coastal exposure. This means the applications it can be used for are numerous, which is why it’s become such a popular material choice in recent years.

5. Toughest Coating

A galvanized coating has a unique metallurgical structure that gives outstanding resistance to mechanical damage in transport, erection, and service. When compared to other coating and material options, it’s much tougher for a range of construction projects. In fact, it’s one of the toughest coatings on the market today, allowing you to use it in difficult weather conditions and situations.

6. Complete Protection

Every part of a galvanized article is protected, even recesses, sharp corners, and inaccessible areas. No coating applied to a structure or fabrication after completion can provide the same protection. This means that once you install the galvanized steel installation, you don’t have to waste time adding further protection to the project.

7. Hygienic

Galvanized steel has an easy to clean surface. If you are working on a project which will need to be cleaned regularly, you’ll find this material is easy to clean and maintain. Especially during the challenging times we all find ourselves in, this is more important than ever. A hygienic material choice ensures that everyone remains healthy and safe when the material is cleaned on a regular basis.

8. Ease of Inspection

Galvanized coatings are assessed readily by eye, and simple non-destructive thickness testing methods can be used. You can easily see if the steel is still in good condition or whether it will need a replacement in the near future. These checks will take just minutes, as opposed to needing to dismantle any type of structure to find out what’s going on with your material.

9. Faster Install Time

As galvanized steel members are received, they are ready for use. No time is lost on-site in surface preparation, painting, and inspection. When assembly of the structure is complete, it is immediately ready for use, or for the next construction stage. With the pressures that many construction companies find themselves under today, this is more important than ever. You’ll ensure your project stays on track and that you offer your client the highest customer satisfaction possible.

10. Speedy Application

The galvanizing process is not dependent on weather conditions. It can be completed in just minutes, offering a full protective coating at any time of the year. This is especially important for anyone who lives in an area with ever-changing weather conditions. You’ll be able to galvanize steel at any point as needed, keeping your projects on track no matter what other challenges you are facing.

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