DIY Stainless Steel Polish

DIY Stainless Steel Polish

DIY stainless steel polish may sound complex, but it’s not difficult to make. You can, of course, purchase some from the store, however, you can also use everyday household items to make your own.

A common question we get is how often you should polish your steel. This article will explore that in addition to how to make your own DIY stainless steel cleaner. We’ll break down the ingredients you need and the steps to take. We’ll also include tips and tricks for achieving the perfect polish.

How Often Should You Polish Your Steel?

The short answer depends on how often you use your steel items. Ideally, you should clean your stainless steel after every use, but when polishing it, you should do so every couple of months. Also, the more you use your stainless steel, the more you should polish it.

Ingredients and Tools You Will Need

Here are the ingredients and tools you’ll need to make your stainless steel polish:

  • Spray Bottle
  • Microfiber cleaning clothes
  • Olive Oil
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Essential oils (optional)

How to Make DIY Stainless Steel Polish in 6 Steps

Step 1. Gather All of Your Supplies

For this step, you will want to gather all of your supplies and ensure you are not out of anything. Additionally, you will want to ensure your spray bottle is clean and ready to go to make this polish.

Step 2. Fill Your Bottle with Olive Oli

Next, you will need to fill your bottle with half of cup of olive oil. It can be any type of olive oil. For this mixture to work, you must add the olive oil first.

Step 3. Add Vinegar to The Mix

You must add vinegar to your olive oil. Measure half a cup of distilled white vinegar and pour it into the olive oil.

Step 4. (Optional) Add Some Essential Oils

For this step, you can add some pleasant smells to your mixture using essential oils. This can be any fragrance you like, such as lemon, lavender, peppermint, or rosemary. This isn’t necessary, but it will ensure your mixture smells good!

Step 5. Shake Well

Now that you have all your ingredients together, you will need to shake your ingredients inside the bottle. Do this before each use for the best results and so that the ingredients don’t separate

Step 6. Wipe Down Your Stainless Steel

For the last step, you will want to wipe with the grain to perfectly polish your stainless steel. Also, you do not need a thick coat of polish, as a small squirt from your bottle can go a long way.

How to Effectively Polish Your Stainless Steel

There are many tips and tricks to help you polish your stainless steel effectively. These include:

  • Ensuring you shake your mixture before each use
  • Only using a small amount each time
  • Wiping with the grain
  • Using a microfiber cloth

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