DIY Steel Workbench

DIY Steel Workbench

Workbenches are popular and common in many homes, and many people use steel workbenches for all their repair needs. This article will outline the purpose of a workbench, the tools and materials you will need, and the steps to make your very own DIY steel workbench.

What is the Point of a Workbench?

Workbenches are typically used for manual labor, such as hammering and drilling. This means the workbench must be a sturdy, flat surface that can handle a lot of work. These benches come in various sizes, depending on the project and the work.

Tools and Materials You’ll Need

Many tools and materials are needed to build a workbench. These include:

  • Steel angle iron
  • Thick steel sheets (2)
  • Flathead sheet metals screws
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Saw (Optional)

The size of each item listed above will depend on how big or small you’d like your workbench to be. This design has a flat surface on the top and a shelf on the bottom to store all your tools and materials.

How to Build a DIY Steel Workbench in 8 Steps

Step 1. Sketch Out Your Bench

For step one, you will need to sketch out what you want your workbench to look like. For this example, we will make a workbench with a flat top and a shelf underneath for tools.

Step 2. Measure Out What Materials You Need

In this step, you will want to measure and plan out the exact dimensions for your workbench. You will want to know how tall and long your bench needs to fit in your desired workspace. Take the sketch from step one and put the dimensions on there.

Step 3. Gather Your Materials

Gather all of your materials in one place and prepare to build your workbench. You may want to refer to the “tools and materials” section again to see the exact list of materials needed.

Step 4. Make The Top Frame For Your Table

For this step, you must make a long rectangle for the tabletop part of your workbench. This will be where all of your work will be conducted, so it can be as long or short as it needs to be. Measure the length and width and connect all the steel pieces together, minus the tabletop.

Step 5. Connect the Legs

Next, connect the legs to your tabletop. Use your steel angle iron to connect the legs to the tabletop. This allows the workbench to stand by itself.

Step 6. Construct the Base for the Shelf

For this step, you need to connect the base of the shelf. Just like the top portion, you will make a rectangle, but this should be about half the length of the tabletop.

Step 7. Connect The Base

For step seven, connect the base for the shelf together with the legs.. After you do so, you are ready to move on to the final step.

Step 8. Add Your Steel on Top of Your Desk and Shelf

For the last step, all you need to do is add the steel to the top of your desk and shelf using your drill and screws. From here, you are ready to use your workbench.

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