Will Galvanized Steel Rust

Does Galvanized Steel Rust?

A common question we receive from homeowners in Florida is in regards to whether galvanized steel will rust in the extreme humidity and heat this state experiences. We all know the challenges of living in Florida, but of course, you may want to use galvanized steel in your upcoming construction projects. Today we’re going to answer the question of does galvanized steel rust in Florida and discover the factors that influence the likelihood of rusting.

What is galvanized steel?

Galvanized steel is a type of steel that’s covered with a zinc coating, which is designed to last far longer than any paint covering — allowing the steel to last for up to 50 years. Zinc is used to prevent oxygen and water from reaching the surface of the steel beneath it. The zinc oxide layer offers a powerful solution for a variety of construction projects, which is why we are seeing it used more and more in Florida today. If moisture builds up on the steel, then it turns to zinc carbonate. This stops any chemical changes from taking place, keeping the steel in optimum condition.

Will galvanized steel rust in Florida?

The weather in Florida presents many challenges for homeowners and business owners, especially in terms of the high humidity and heat that’s experienced during the summer months. However, galvanized steel is resistant to all of these types of conditions, thanks to the added zinc coating. Keep in mind that over time, there is a chance of the material breaking down, but we can help you to avoid this when working with galvanized steel. This is why we see many construction companies opt to use this type of material over typical steel products. It’s far more resistant to the challenges of living in Florida, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of this product for decades to come.

Factors That Influence the Rusting of Galvanized Steel

When discussing why galvanized steel rusts, we need to take the time to look at the factors which may impact this issue. Zinc is resistant to a variety of weather conditions, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect it at all costs. In relative humidity of over 60%, which is regularly experienced in Florida, it can break down slowly. The good news is that there are still enough breaks in the Florida weather to give your steel some time to breathe, which is needed in order to reduce the chance of it breaking down. If you live on the coast in Florida, you’ll find that salt in the water or air can also increase the chance of it rusting.

Other factors which impact the rusting of galvanized steel include the presence of strong alkalis, wet and soaked coatings, and acid rainwater. Fortunately, these are less of an issue in Florida, so your main concern here should be surrounding the heat and humidity. By learning about the factors that could impact galvanized steel rust, you can do all you can to keep any structure safe in the future.

How long does galvanized steel last?

Galvanized steel is an incredible material option that will last you for years to come. In even quite harsh conditions, you’ll find that the material can last for between 35 and 50 years. In perfect weather conditions, you’ll enjoy up to 75 years of use with galvanized steel. The temperature in general doesn’t impact the condition of the steel as much as the humidity. You’ll find that the material is good to use in very hot and cold temperatures, which is why it’s such a versatile solution that’s used around the world today. Compared to your typical steel products, this has an incredible length of use, so we highly recommend you consider galvanized steel for future projects.

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