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Summer is almost here. The construction industry is booming. And, if you’re reading this, you’re either about to do one of two things: work on a job site that requires steel or accomplish a household task you’ve been putting off. Now, whether you’ve never stepped foot into a steel shop or are a seasoned pro, every steel shop operates differently – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some steel shops don’t offer walk-ins. Some do. Some steel shops have drop racks. Some don’t. Some steel shops are open to the public. Some are not. That’s why we want to let you know exactly how Tampa Steel and Supply is operating at the current moment by answering some FAQs.

FAQs at Tampa Steel & Supply

Do we cut to size?

Yes, we do! We sell most material by the full/half stick or sheet, depending on the material. For example, if you need 8 feet of angle, we can cut that for you. However, you will still need to purchase a total of 10 feet.

Do we charge to cut to size?

Yes, we do. The charge is dependent upon the size of the material we are cutting for you and how many cuts are being done in the order.

Why do we sell in full/half sheets/sticks?

Although our prices are by the foot, we sell material in half or full sizes to best maintain our inventory. We try our best to keep an accurate inventory to ensure that you have a pleasant buying every time you shop at Tampa Steel & Supply.

Do we bend, thread, or fabricate metal?

These are not services we offer in-house. However, we have partner companies we work with to outsource these projects. If you are interested, please ask your sales representative for a referral or a quote. We’re here to ensure we can point you in the right direction in all aspects of your steel project.

What is the difference between round tubing and pipe?

As of right now, we only stock pipe. Round tubing and pipe are often mixed up because there is only one main difference between the two: how they are measured. Round tubing is measured by the outside diameter (referred to as OD) and pipe is measured by the inside diameter (referred to as ID).

Are we open to the general public?

We are! We have stayed open to the public, including walk-ins, through the pandemic. And, we continue to do so. We want to make sure that no matter how big or small your order is, we will be open to serve you.

How does our surplus material work?

Surplus is one of our most popular selling items and for good reason – it saves you money. When you come into the shop wanting to look at steel, this is protocol: ask to see the surplus area, a sales rep will ensure you are wearing pants and closed-toes shoes then provide you a hardhat, and will send you out the bench in the warehouse to wait for one of the warehouse workers. Once you’re taken to the yard to look around for the surplus you’re wanting, let the warehouse worker know and we will get your order written up in the office.

What happens when we don’t have something in stock?

In our effort to bring you quality customer service, if you are looking for an item that we do not have in stock or do not carry regularly, your TSS sales reps will work to bring in materials from our other warehouses to ensure you get the right metal at the right price.

Buying steel can be difficult, but here at Tampa Steel & Supply, we pride ourselves on servicing all of our customers as best as possible. No matter your knowledge of steel, we have systems in place to ensure that anybody can purchase from us. And now that you know the answers to some of our most popular questions, you can be set up to succeed on your next trip. See you soon!

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