How Steel Can Protect Your Home During Hurricane Season

How Steel Can Protect Your Home During Hurricane Season

Despite its nickname, the Sunshine State is no stranger to inclement weather—especially during the summer months when hurricane season is in full force. And while Florida has made it through hurricane season relatively unscathed in the past few years, it’s always best to be prepared. Tampa Steel & Supply is here to teach you how steel products can protect your home during extreme Florida weather.

Preparing your home before a hurricane hits cannot only help to protect your home but you and your loved ones as well. From the doors, to the garage, to the roof, learn how steel can protect your home during hurricane season.

3 Ways Steel Can Help You During Hurricane Season

1. Steel Doors

A Category 5 hurricane can produce winds up to 157 miles per hour. If high winds cause debris to hurl towards your door, it could potentially penetrate the door, causing damage to your home or harm to you or your family. To combat this issue, companies are utilizing steel doors to reinforce your home so it can withstand high-impact winds and the like.

2. Garage Doors

The garage door is likely the weakest link in your home when it comes to the hurricane season since many garage doors don’t stand a chance against hurricane-force winds. Once the garage door has been damaged or ripped off, high-speed winds can pressurize your home, causing the roof to break away from your home. Fortunately, there are ways to fortify your garage door so that it can withstand a hurricane. Companies are now utilizing a vertical bracing system made of aluminum that anchors into the wall above, the floor, and each hinge of the garage door, which prevents the door from suctioning in or out.

3. Steel Roofing

Your roof is your home’s biggest defense against a hurricane, but traditional roofing isn’t built to withstand the high winds that a hurricane can produce. Steel roofing is a great option as it is strong and can endure much more than traditional roofing. Although more expensive than traditional roofs, steel roofing is a great investment for its protective properties, low weight, and high resistance.

Prepare for Hurricane Season With Tampa Steel & Supply

Hurricane season is right around the corner, and steel can help fortify your home. At Tampa Steel & Supply, we stock an extensive list of steel products, from aluminum to specialty steel, so we have whatever you need to protect your home. Even better, we offer all of the fabrication supplies you’ll need. Contact us today to learn more about our great offerings and how we can help you use steel to get your home ready for hurricane season.

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