How to Hang Metal Wall Art

How to Hang Metal Wall Art

There are various ways to hang metal wall art around your home. Additionally, there are many different surfaces you can hang your wall art on. This article will outline the tools you’ll need and how to hang your wall art on drywall, brick, and tile.

What Tools You’ll Need

There are a few things you’ll need when hanging metal wall art. The tools needed also depend on what material you will be hanging your wall art on.

For the most part you will need a hammer, screwdriver, nails, or screws. You may also consider using a z-bar. A z-bar is a small bar that goes on the back of the artwork and in front of the wall so you may hang your artwork easier throughout your home. Lastly, you will want a ruler or measuring tape to ensure your wall art is measured and hung correctly. A leveling tool can also be useful in helping to ensure your art is leveled perfectly.

How to Hang Metal Wall Art on Drywall

It can be pretty easy to hang your wall art on drywall. First, you will need to choose a hanger, such as a z-bar, that can support the weight of the artwork. You may need multiple z-bars depending on the weight and size of your art.

From there, you’ll want to locate the studs from behind the drywall. If you do not, you may cause damage to your walls. To do so you will need to use a stud finder. This tool will beep when it locates any metal. From there, you can mark the area with a pencil.

Before you drill or nail into your wall, be sure to measure where you want to hang your metal wall art — to ensure it is at the perfect height and in the perfect place.

The last step is to screw or nail into your drywall and hang your wall art. Keep in mind drywall can be quite thick so you might need long nails or screws for this process. Mark a spot where you’ll want to hang your art and then drill or hammer through your drywall. From there you will be good to hang your art on your drywall.

How to Hang Metal Wall Art on Brick

There are many steps for hanging wall art on brick. Firstly, you’ll want to measure and plan where you want to hang your artwork. Use a pencil to mark where you will want to drill through.

The second step is to drill through your brick and ensure your hole is deep enough to accommodate the screw and the anchors you will use for the next step. At this stage, you are simply drilling holes and not drilling in screws.

The third step is to secure the anchors, to stabilize and support the weight of your artwork. You need to use screws to secure the stabilizer into place. From there, you are all set to hang your art on your brick wall.

How to Hang Metal Wall Art on Tiles

To start this project, you will want to gather the right supplies before proceeding. Then you’ll want to find the studs, which you can do using a stud finder. A stud finder will automatically beep when it finds metal behind the wall, therefore locating the studs.

The next step is to measure and mark where you’ll want to drill a hole, making sure it is the right height and place for your artwork. Then you will go ahead and prepare to drill the hole. Be sure to take it slow so as not to damage your tiles.

From there, you will need to attach anchors and screws. Attach the anchors first and screw them in based on the marks you made in the previous step. Once you safely screw in your anchors and screws, you can hang your metal art.

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