How to Keep Steel and Iron From Rusting

Rust occurs thanks in part to oxidization and can make your metals look less than appealing. Even worse, rust can compromise your metals’ strength, making them fragile and shortening their lifespan. When it comes to keeping your metals looking their best while also maintaining durability, preventing rust in the first place is key.

Cleaning and maintaining rust-prone metals is the easiest and most effective way to keep your metals free of rust. Depending on the kind of metal surface you’re trying to protect, different techniques might be needed. For today’s purposes, we’re detailing how to protect steel and iron specifically, but be on the lookout for more helpful how-to guides.

Cleaning and Maintaining Steel

If you have steel surfaces you want to protect from rust, it’s important to clean them regularly. After all, even stainless steel is not fully immune to rust. When cleaning steel surfaces, make sure you use cleaning tools that won’t scratch the surface, which can compromise the steel and make it more likely to oxidize. Avoid using steel wool and heavy score pads and opt for microfiber cloths. Using dish soap or a light cleaner and water works well in cleaning steel surfaces that aren’t heavily soiled. More heavy-duty cleaners exist for dirtier surfaces, which can be found at your local home goods store.

Cleaning and Maintaining Iron

Coating iron surfaces can help prevent rust from forming. Cooking surfaces, for example, can benefit from being coated with oil, which creates a barrier between air, water, and iron. Other iron surfaces should be coated and maintained to ensure that air and water do not react with the metal. As with any metal, it’s important to keep the surfaces dry to prevent oxidization.

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