DIY Clothing Rack

How to Make a DIY Clothing Rack

Does your home lack closet space? If so, fear not. This DIY clothing rack is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. Better yet, this project requires just seven materials (which you may or may not already have around your home) and a little do-it-yourself magic.


  • ½” steel conduit pipe
  • 2 floor flanges
  • 2 elbow joints
  • 24 wood screws
  • 4 casters
  • Wood base
  • Spray paint color of your choice


How you go about assembling your clothing rack is entirely up to you, but we recommend the following:

Step 1. Spray paint the steel pipe and joints first or leave them as is for an even more industrial look.
Step 2. Once dry, screw the casters into the wood base and screw the floor flanges to the top of the base.
Step 3. Insert the two pipes, the elbow joints, and then the middle pipe.

DIY Clothing Rack

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