Iron Gift Ideas for 6th Year Wedding Anniversary

15 Iron Gift Ideas for 6th Year Wedding Anniversary

This is for the lovebirds out there! Husbands (and wives) make sure you remember your spouse on their anniversary to make them feel loved and appreciated.

What is the 6 Year Anniversary Gift?

The traditional 6th wedding anniversary gift in the US is iron. Iron anniversary gifts can be interpreted literally or figuratively — it’s up to you. Go for hand-forged iron jewelry or think outside the box with a set of golf clubs.

The modern anniversary gift is wood, and the same creative license applies to shopping for wood anniversary gifts. But there’s no rule stating your 6-year anniversary gift has to include these materials — they’re simply assigned as the elemental symbols of the 6th anniversary, so think of them as helpful jumping off points if you’re stumped.

Keep scrolling for classic and creative 6th anniversary gift ideas for him, her, and them.

First Through Sixth Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Just in case you do not know what specific gifts to give each anniversary, here is a list of the first six years. Most people know that the anniversary gift for the 25th anniversary is silver and the 50th anniversary is gold.

Year                   Traditional Gift          Modern Gift

1st                                Paper                           Clocks

2nd                              Cotton                          China

3rd                               Leather                        Crystal, Glass

4th                               Linen, Silk                   Electrical Appliances

5th                               Wood                           Silverware

6th                               Iron                              Wood

See here for anniversary gifts for each year up to the 75th. Hint – think bling!

15 Iron Gift Ideas for 6th Year Wedding Anniversary

Here is a list of creative anniversary gifts made of iron.

1. Power tools

A few new toys for his toolbox, perhaps?

2. Cast iron cookware

Anyone who loves to cook would drool over a set of cast iron cookware from a company like Le Creuset or Emile Henry.

3. Golf clubs

Is your sweetie an “iron man”? Get him a whole new set of golf irons for your sixth anniversary.

4. Stainless barware

Crack open a brand new bar set and mix up the signature drink from your wedding reception!

5. Wrought iron décor

If you only think of fences when you think of wrought iron, you’re missing out. This material is used in lots of rustic furniture and wall hangings – great for a spouse with a traditional style sensibility.

6. Iron jewelry

Bypass the standard fare and opt for a hand-forged iron piece instead.

7. Iron sculpture

A piece of art is the perfect gift for a high-brow hubby. Make it extra sweet with a DIY personalized piece.

8. Iron Man

Feel like a pair of superheroes enjoying this action flick on anniversary night.

9. The Man in the Iron Mask

This tale of a mysterious French prisoner is something you can both get engrossed in.

10. Candleholders

Have a candlelit dinner in the works? Iron candlesticks are the perfect luxe touch.

11. Garden trellis

For a sweetie who loves to spend hours in the garden.

12. Iron wine rack

Be sure to fill it with bottles of both of your favorite wines.

13. Iron bookends

Got a bibliophile on your hands? A funky pair of iron bookends make a great bookshelf accessory.

14. Fondue set

What’s better than chocolate-covered strawberries? Making your own chocolate-covered strawberries together.

15. Rustic hand forged hammered iron ring

A ring that is hand-picked and hand-made is the perfect gift of love.

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