Steel bar grating is a sturdy, open-grid assembly of parallel bars for flooring, platforms, and walkways. Constructed with crossbars and bearing bars, it provides strength, ventilation, and drainage in industrial and architectural applications, offering a durable solution for heavy-duty environments.

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Steel bar grating is a robust and versatile grid structure composed of parallel bearing bars and crossbars. This open-grid configuration creates a durable and sturdy platform, making it ideal for various applications such as flooring, walkways, and platforms. The design of steel bar grating allows for efficient drainage, ventilation, and visibility, contributing to its popularity in industrial settings, manufacturing plants, and architectural projects.

Known for its strength and load-bearing capabilities, steel bar grating provides a reliable surface for heavy-duty use, supporting personnel, equipment, and materials. Its resistance to impact and high temperatures and low maintenance requirements make it a durable solution for environments that demand both safety and longevity. Whether used for industrial flooring, mezzanines, or catwalks, steel bar grating is a go-to choice for its structural integrity and versatility in a wide range of applications.

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1" x 1/8" BAR GRATE, 1" X 3/16" BAR GRATE