Steel expanded metal is a versatile and durable material widely used in construction and industrial applications. Created through cutting and stretching steel sheets, it forms a mesh-like pattern that enhances structural strength, facilitates ventilation, and provides effective screening solutions for various projects. Whether used for security fencing, architectural panels, or walkways, steel expanded metal offers a combination of strength and versatility for diverse applications.

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Steel expanded metal is a robust and highly adaptable material that finds widespread use across diverse industries. It is manufactured by precision cutting and stretching steel sheets and boasts a distinctive pattern of interconnected diamond-shaped openings. This design enhances the material’s structural integrity and allows excellent airflow and visibility. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for applications such as fencing, grating, walkways, and protective mesh screens.

In construction, steel-expanded metal offers a cost-effective solution for creating sturdy and secure structures. Its lightweight yet durable nature makes it suitable for various architectural and engineering purposes, providing strength and aesthetics. Beyond construction, this material finds applications in industrial settings, where it acts as an efficient screening medium, allowing for the passage of air and light while maintaining a barrier against unwanted elements. Its resilience against corrosion also makes it a durable option for outdoor applications, ensuring long-lasting and reliable performance in challenging environments.

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1/2" # 13 48" X 96" EXP FLAT, 3/4 #9 48" X 96" EXP FLAT, 3/4" #9 48" X 96" EXP RAISED, 3/4" #9 60" X 120" EXP FLAT, 4# 48" X 96" WALK WAY GRATING