Square Tubing Project Ideas

Square Tubing Project Ideas

If you are looking to brighten up your home this year, a great material to consider working with is square tubing. Keep reading as we share some of the top square tubing project ideas, all of which can be added to your home or office over the upcoming months.

15 Square Tubing Project Ideas

These are some of the most exciting square tubing project ideas out there today. They range in difficulty, so try one of the simpler projects first before advancing to something more challenging.

1. Metal Picture Frame

You can never have enough picture frames in your home. One of the easiest square tubing project ideas is to create a photo frame, to which you can add your precious memories of your favorite moments and time with your loved ones.

2. Metal and Wood Bench

If you need to add more seating to your garden this year, try creating a square tubing bench. You’ll combine metal and wood for a rustic addition to any home, which you can paint to suit your garden’s design and style.

3. Square Tubing Cube

Add a splash of modern art to your home by creating a square tubing cube. This is one of the more simple square tubing project ideas and will add some interest to any room in your home.

4. Metal Wall Art

Let your creativity go wild with metal wall art. This square tubing project idea could help you to add a piece of art to your living room or a name sign to your child’s bedroom.

5. Pen Holder

You can organize your cluttered desk when you create a pen and pencil holder from metal tubing.

6. Bar Stools

One of the more complex square tubing project ideas is to create bar stools for your kitchen or patio. You can customize these to fit your home décor by adding any type of seat to the stool.

7. Floating Shelves

Add more storage space to any room by creating floating shelves made with square tubing.

8. Living Room Table

A simple living room table can completely transform any room. Use square tubing as the base for this project, before adding a glass or wooden top to the table.

9. Outdoor Patio Set

Really challenge yourself with this square tubing project idea, which will completely makeover even the dullest garden space.

10. Towel Rack

Never worry about your towels getting damp again with a towel rack made from square tubing. This material creates a really sturdy shelf, which you can add heavy towels to without them slipping off.

11. Log Fire Basket

If you are partial to a log fire in the winter months, you need somewhere to store your logs. Square tubing creates a sturdy basket, which you can fill with your supply of logs throughout the winter.

12. Wheelchair Ramp

This is an incredibly practical project for anyone who has relatives and friends who require a wheelchair ramp. You’ll be able to add this to any door in your home or office, making your space more accessible in the future.

13. Hanging Pan Rack

Enjoy easy access to your pots and pans with a hanging steel pan rack. You can add as many or as few hooks as you need, creating a modern display in your kitchen. This is a great project for keen chefs, who will enjoy this addition to their kitchen every day.

14. Nest of Tables

Don’t just add one new table to your living room when you could have a whole nest of tables! Go wild with this square tubing project idea, which allows you to fully customize your table set to fit your unique needs.

15. Garden Arch

While this is one of the largest square tubing project ideas on our list today, you’ll be surprised to learn that it’s simpler than you might think. You can build the arch to fit any space you have in your garden, creating a welcoming entryway to any outdoor space.

Tampa Steel & Supply Can Help With Your Square Tubing Project Ideas

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