What is Steel Detailing?

What is Steel Detailing?

Steel detailing can be a complex process. Steel detailers are responsible for the correct measurements and materials to ensure a structure is safe and ready to use. In this article, you will learn the difference between steel detailing and steel detailers. Additionally, you will learn the different types of drawings, the importance of steel detailing, and the job duties of a steel detailer.

What is the Difference Between Steel Detailing and Steel Detailers?

Steel detailing is producing detailed drawings for steel, while a steel detailer is a person who will detail the steel. These drawings help steel detailers know where to work on each piece of steel. Often, steel detailers are specialists in a structural drafting department. Additionally, these drawings will give the steel detailers the knowledge of the design of what you need the steel for. This includes detailed plans for beams, stairs, beams, and so on.

Steel detailers often work as a part of a wider team. They rely on working with other designers, such as welders, designers, and so on. They must all work together to ensure the shop drawings have the correct details for each component in order to complete the project.

The Different Types of Drawings

There are many ways to prepare a drawing for a steel detailer. These must take into account what the end goal is. These types of drawings include:

  • Shop Drawings: Shop drawings lay out the exact measurements for each part of the structure. These must show the materials, sizes, dimensions, welding, and so on.
  • Erection Drawings: The erector uses these on the construction site. The erection drawings show the measurements, information, and requirements for all the construction work needed for a project.
  • Computer Drafting: Computer drafting is widely used in today’s industries. These computer programs build a 3D model of each project ahead of more detailed shop drawings. Both are needed to complete the required task.

The Importance of Structural Steel Detailing

Choosing the proper detailer and drawing type is critical to succeeding in your project. It allows engineers to construct safe and sound structures and prevent worksite accidents that may arise due to miscalculations. Most importantly, detailing connects everyone from different departments, enabling the teams to understand the project and have the same information.

Job Duties of Steel Detailers

There are several duties of steel detailers that one should consider. Their primary role is to interpret detail and accuracy to ensure the project’s success. You must be able to consider all the different needs of the clients and recommend the correct sizes and materials for each step of the project.

Steel detailing and steel detailers are crucial to all of us. Although it’s a complex process, it is so vital to the health and safety of modern construction. The different types of drawings all aid in what is needed to ensure a safe and sound structure.

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