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29 Steel Gift Ideas for 11th Year Anniversary

Here is another article for the lovebirds out there! Husbands (and wives) make sure you remember your spouse on their anniversary to make them feel loved and appreciated.

First Through Sixth Year Anniversary Gifts

Just in case you do not know the specific gifts to give each anniversary, here is a list of the first six years. Most people know that the anniversary gift for the 25th anniversary is silver and the 50th anniversary is gold.

Year                   Traditional Gift          Modern Gift

1st                                Paper                           Clocks

2nd                              Cotton                          China

3rd                               Leather                        Crystal, Glass

4th                               Linen, Silk                    Electrical Appliances

5th                               Wood                           Silverware

6th                               Iron                              Wood

See here for anniversary gifts for each year up to the 75th. Hint – think bling!

What is the 11th Anniversary Gift?

“If you’re celebrating 11 years of marriage and want to stick to a symbolic gift, you should be on the lookout for either steel anniversary gifts (the traditional material) or diamond anniversary gifts (if you’re going the modern route). Steel represents strength and durability, and diamonds (as you may know from looking for engagement rings) are a symbol of power, strength, love, purity, light, and eternity. Not too shabby as anniversary gifts, right? Get creative with steel, diamond, or other 11-year anniversary gift ideas,” theknot.com.

Steel Gifts for 11th Year Anniversary

Here is a list of creative anniversary gifts made of steel put together by The Nest who are the makers of The Knot and The Bump. The Nest helps couples navigate the first years of cohabitation through inspiring, informative, and engaging home decor, food, and relationship content.

  1. Steel jewelry: It doesn’t have to be gold or platinum to be beautiful and valuable. Many stainless-steel trinkets are just as lovely – and handmade, to boot.
  2. Steel drums: Travel to the Caribbean for some steel drum fun.
  3. Car: If your significant other is itching for a new set of wheels, your eleventh anniversary is the perfect time.
  4. Bicycle: Some bikes are made of steel, so pick this up for your spouse if that other set of wheels just isn’t in the cards this year.
  5. Steel Magnolias: One of the iconic chick flicks of our era.
  6. Stainless appliances: Upgrade the kitchen with fancy stainless appliances you can both enjoy.
  7. Stainless flatware: A new set of forks, knives, and spoons is another great way to refresh your kitchen space.
  8. Flask: This is a very manly gift idea for a very manly dude; he’ll love it.
  9. Ice bucket: Pick up a fancy new bucket and throw a party to remember.
  10. Candleholders: or just stay home and enjoy your anniversary together.
  11. Coffee pot: Is your sweetie addicted to java? Get a thermal coffee pot – or even an old-fashioned percolator – this anniversary.
  12. Wine cooler: A mini fridge dedicated just to your wines is pretty brilliant.
  13. Locket: Fill a steel locket with a cherished image.
  14. Watch: A handsome, stainless watch is a great gift for any occasion.
  15. Horseback riding: Horseshoes are made of steel, so go for a gallop together.
  16. Horseshoes set: …or just stay home and play horseshoes in the yard!
  17. Power or hand tools: Beef up his toolbox with some new toys.
  18. Swiss Army knife: Every boy dreams of owning one of these – and probably every man does, too.
  19. Sword: If he’s into collecting relics, pick up a decorative sword with historical significance.
  20. Motorcycle: Is he a road warrior? Surprise him with a new hog!
  21. Breakfast in bed: Is your significant other more about gestures than objects? Serve breakfast in bed on a steel tray – with steel-cut oatmeal!
  22. Trip to the city: Whether it’s New York, Chicago, or any other big, industrial city, take a trip somewhere that big and steel buildings reign supreme.
  23. Cuff links: A man can never have too many.
  24. Superman: Stay in and watch a marathon of the Man of Steel together.
  25. Sculpture: For the art-loving spouse.
  26. Chopsticks: If your sweetie is a die-hard fan of sushi, pick up an extra special set of chopsticks.
  27. Wine opener: A sophisticated wine opener – paired with your spouse’s favorite wine, of course – is an impressive anniversary gift.
  28. Business card case: A sleek steel business card holder is a great accessory.
  29. Skis or snowboard: Ready to hit the slopes. Get your significant other a new set of skis or a snowboard, which are made partially of steel (it counts!).

Happy Anniversary and many more!

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