Stainless Steel in Building Construction

Stainless Steel in Building Construction

The next time you are walking around the block in a big city, take the time to admire the architecture. The architecture in big cities can span hundreds of years. Each building represents a different artistic style crafted from a different time period. Buildings can be seen as works of art, and the material used to construct buildings are viewed as an artistic medium.

5 Examples of Stainless Steel in Building Construction

For hundreds of years, stainless steel has been used to construct buildings. Here are some examples of how stainless steel brings great utility and beauty to the world of architecture.

1. Ornamental Panels

Many restaurants and diners will use stainless steel panels to create a certain ambiance. These stainless steel panels often gave an area a sleek, modern look.

2. Architectural Wrapping

Stainless steel can be bent and curved into almost any shape desired. Some architects will have a building wrapped in a stainless steel finish to give it a stunning look. You can easily see this in the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

3. Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures

Stainless steel is a terrific material for kitchens and bathrooms. The steel will not rust, and the fixtures can be polished to give the kitchen or bathroom an extremely clean look. Stainless steel is also great for drainage, plumbing materials, or anywhere there is water or dampness.

4. Handrails

Stainless steel works great as railings and handrails in a building. If these materials are constructed from stainless steel, they are easy to keep clean and will be sure to last the entire life of the building.

5. Bridges

Stainless steel can be used in the construction of bridges, as well. This can be stunningly observed in the Helix Bridge, found in Singapore. The 280-meter bridge carries pedestrians across the Singapore River.

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For over a hundred years, stainless steel has brought utility and beauty to architectural projects. Thanks to great stainless steel suppliers like Tampa Steel & Supply, this iconic building material won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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