What is CNC Machining?

What is CNC Machining?

CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control. It’s the process of pre-programing software that tells the machine how and when to move to create something you need.

There are many benefits of using CNC machines to handle your workload. This article will outline the importance of CNC machines, what they are used for, and the different types of machines.

The Importance of CNC Machining

There are many important benefits of CNC Machining. They include being extremely accurate because you are using exact measurements for computers to use. You also eliminate the potential for human error in what you’re making in addition to ensuring that you get it right the first time.

CNC Machines also increase the efficiency of your work because you can run multiple machines at the same time. You do not need to monitor it as closely as you would have to if you were to do this by hand.

Your product quality will increase. This has to do with a machine cutting your products for you and ensuring it’s perfect every time. Furthermore, the machines can do repeat work on the same designs, perfectly, over and over again.

Lastly, there is the added benefit of helping to keep your staff safe because machines do all the intricate cutting and take away that risk factor, versus your staff doing the work by hand.

What is a CNC Machine Used For?

CNC machines are used to create items. The materials can range from wood, aluminum, and so much more to create the custom products you need. Essentially, the goal is to use these machines to create a custom design that is computer programmed.

CNC machines are used in various industries, such as medicine, transportation, electronics, the military, and many others.

Since it is a machine, it can also track a lot of things you need to run your business. You may edit the jobs you’ve had to ensure that each is perfect and up to the best industry standards. CNC machines also show display drawings so you can anticipate what your product will look like.

The last feature that will help your business run smoothly is the tracking capabilities that come with CNC machines. You can use these to log how many units the machine has created, set up a routine for it to run on, and even maintain and retrieve the data when needed. This will be particularly helpful to management teams who need to make a record of the data in order to maximize efficiencies in production cycles.

Types of CNC Machines

There are many different kinds of CNC Machines. Although there are numerous ones, we will be focusing on the six most common types, most often found in a machine shop.

  1. CNC Turning Machines: This type of machine is categorized by its ability to turn items to cut. Additionally, you can add a component such as holes, slots, threads, and so on.
  2. CNC Milling Machines: CNC Milling machines can rotate cutting tools while your materials stay put. They tend only to produce square or rectangular-like products.
  3. CNC Laser Machines: Laser machines use lasers to cut or engrave materials.
  4. CNC 3D Printer: 3D printers are great for getting the custom design you desire. Basically, you tell the printer when and where to cut, to get that precise look and feel you need for your project.
  5. CNC Lathes: This type of CNC machine turns your materials and your cutting tool automatically for you. Additionally, you may add extra pieces to really get that angle and product you need. This type of machine is used to make symmetrical items such as spheres or cones.
  6. CNC Routers: These types of CNC machines are used to cut large pieces of wood, metal, plastics, and other materials. By default, these machines tend to run on three dimensions. However, you may buy additional axises to run up to six dimensions.

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