When Is Aluminum the Right Metal To Use?

The physical properties of aluminum make it the perfect material to build with. Today, 20 percent of the world’s aluminum is used in construction and very few buildings are constructed without the versatile metal.

Aluminum functions as a strong material that provides structural support without adding a lot of weight. If you are wondering whether aluminum is the right choice for your next building project, read on to learn more about its many benefits and uses.

What can aluminum be used for?

Aluminum is used for more things than you probably imagined. In fact, next to steel, aluminum is one of the most commonly used metals. When it comes to building and construction, aluminum can be used to build anything from shutters and railings to skyscrapers and bridges.

Other common uses include:

  • Work on roofing
  • Doors
  • Window frames
  • Skylights
  • Staircases
  • Ornamental fixtures
  • Aluminum fences

Benefits of Using Aluminum in Construction

An array of benefits comes with using aluminum in construction. Here are just a few.

Corrosion Resistance: Aluminum produces a naturally occurring oxide film, which helps it fight rust.

Durability and resilience: While aluminum is very strong, it is also quite flexible. The material can handle pressure from heavy loads and will spring back to form after impact.

Reflectivity: Aluminum is superior to steel and iron in its ability to reflect the heat from the sun. A properly coated aluminum roof can reflect up to 95 percent of the heat that hits it, helping to keep buildings cooler and more energy efficient.

Lightweight: Aluminum structures can weigh 35 to 65 percent less than steel structures, while still providing the same amount of strength. This facet comes in handy in tall buildings. Additionally, aluminum’s weight makes it easy to handle and inexpensive to ship.

Customizability: While aluminum looks great by itself, it also takes well to a coat of paint. Aluminum allows you to add the type of finishing layer or coating that best suits your project.

Sustainability: Aluminum is considered one of the most energy efficient and sustainable construction materials out there. An estimated 50 to 85 percent of all aluminum building materials used today have been recycled.

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