Flat Bar Uses

Flat Bar Uses

When it comes to steel, versatility is king. That is why items like square/rectangle tubing, angle, and sheets/plate are so popular. They can be utilized in various projects. The same can be said about flat bar. But what is flat bar used for? That is the main question we will be exploring. Here are 4 ways to utilize flat bar for your next project!

The Top 4 Most Common Uses for Flat Bar

1. Frame Construction

When you pass by an ongoing construction site and see the skeleton of a building, you will most likely see flat bars being utilized. Through its accessibility and ease of use, flat bars can be cut, drilled, or welded into the framework of a home/building without much issue. Also, as flat bar varies in width and thickness, it can withhold large amounts of weight as well.

2. Improvements & Additions

While the initial framework of a building can utilize flat bars, so can the maintenance of said structures. In the post-construction phase of a building, flat bars can reinforce and replace existing material that has withered away or been damaged.

3. Industrial Artwork

While not one of the first things that come to mind, artists and sculptors find many uses for flat bars in their art. Leaning mostly towards the industrial art style, flat bar’s malleable and strength properties allow the material to be sculpted into almost anything once it’s been forged.

4. Renewable Energy

When it comes to renewable resources and renewable energy, steel has been at the forefront. So, it should be no surprise that flat bar is a crucial part of the infrastructure of wind turbines, towers, and other energy structures’ foundations. Steel is one of the most recyclable materials that exist. That said, it continues to provide a space for flat bar to excel in this sector.

When it comes to projects requiring any type of construction, the versatility of materials is of the utmost importance; and flat bar is no exception. While we’ve given just four different uses for flat bar, the material can be used in a wide array of projects. Next time you have a project on your hands, check if your local steel shop carries the size you need in flat bar. Good luck and happy building!

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