How to Throw a Super Bowl Party

How to Throw a Super Bowl Party

If you’re hosting the football festivities at your house this year, not to worry. It doesn’t take much to throw a first-string Super Bowl party. When it comes to throwing a party fans of both sides will enjoy, there are just a few important things you should be prepared for in time for the big game.

5 Prep Steps to Throw a First-String Super Bowl Party

Here are five essential things to include in your super bowl party prep checklist.

1. Television

Obviously, you must have a working TV to enjoy the Super Bowl! Without one, there will be no cheering (or booing), and you’ll have some seriously unhappy guests on your hands. Make sure all of your equipment and cables are properly attached to guarantee the tube is in working order. If you splurged on any new equipment, install it the day before so you’re 100 percent certain you are ready for game time.

2. Food

Some may say a Super Bowl party is rated on how savory the snacks are. Select the type of finger foods, appetizers, and bigger meals you want to serve in advance. Provide plenty of chips, veggies, and dips, and splurge on a few sweet items to sweeten excited fans’ palettes. Check out Food Network for a list of snacks to feed your guests like they’re prepared to tackle tryouts.

3. Drinks

Next, the most important thing is to stock up on tasty beverages. Rooting on the sidelines of TV can be exhausting, so it’s important everyone stays hydrated and happy. You also might need to hook up a spare fridge or provide a cooler to keep everything as cold as iron and ice.

4. Decorations

Prepare your home with football-themed decorations to add to the excitement of the day. Ideally, you’ll want to find items with the logos or colors of the teams playing—The Carolina Panthers (black, blue, and silver) and the Denver Broncos (orange and navy). Coasters, goodie bags, and flags are just a few ways to treat your guests.

5. Prepare Activities

When you’re hosting a party, you want to be sure everyone has a space to feel comfortable and content. Set up a craft station for kids and prepare an outdoor area for those who may rather get fresh air than stay glued to game time. There are a number of fun activities to prepare such as Super Bowl bingo.

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