Different Types of Bollards

Different Types of Bollards

If you’ve ever been to a gas station, grocery store, or anywhere that a car enters or exits, chances are you’ve encountered a bollard. Now, you may not have known the name of the protective barrier other than “that pole I almost hit my car with.” We’re about to change that.

Bollards come in all different sizes and serve several purposes. However, we will be focusing on a variety of bollards that exist. These are six types of bollards and their uses.

6 Different Types of Bollards & Their Uses

1. Removable Bollards

The use of this bollard is right in the name. If you are in an area that has large events or has vehicles moving in and out at certain times of day, removable bollards may be the answer for you. They provide flexibility whenever you need additional space while allowing security when needed.

2. Permanent Bollards

On the opposite side of the spectrum, if your property always needs protection, permanent bollards seem to be the answer. As Newton’s Laws of Motion states, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” That said, vehicles that try to pass these bollards will not be going very far.

3. Decorative Bollards

Bollards can have fun too. Typically seen in front of retail businesses, decorative bollards serve the dual purpose of providing eye-catching art along and security. Sometimes functionality and aesthetics can exist in the wide world of bollards.

4. Retractable Bollards

If you are looking for efficiency compounded by reliability, then look no further than retractable bollards. Primarily used at entry and exit points, these anti-ram bollards limit vehicle access to a building or facility. These bollards raise and lower when triggered by the personnel with the point of control – retracting within the ground and then erecting once a vehicle has passed through.

5. Automatic Bollards

Similar to retractable bollards in utility, however, automatic bollards are a bit more time-efficient for all parties involved. Most likely to be seen in parking garages and areas with a high volume of permission-based vehicles, these bollards provide a quick, but solid security measure as they are best used for people who are on the go and need to enter and exit without anyone being involved.

6. Flexible Plastic Bollards

You’ve seen these anytime a highway or intersection is undergoing construction or where lane delineation seems to be an issue. Flexible plastic bollards are unique in that they can be knocked or run right over and pop right back up in their original position no worse for wear. Additionally, these bollards are ideal for their high visibility along with their durability.

When there’s a need for area security, there’s a bollard for it. The sturdy, sometimes removable, sometimes retractable, and sometimes flexible poles provide a bevy of options to protect your place of business. So, on your next project, reference this when selecting the style of bollard that best fits your needs!

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