What Are Steel Pipe Bollards and How Do They Work

What Are Steel Pipe Bollards and How Do They Work?

For those who don’t work in the security, landscape, or architecture business, the words steel pipe bollards may have never crossed your mind. These metal pipes are an essential component of the majority of streetscapes. And even though they commonly go unnoticed, steel bollards are all around.

How Steel Pipe Bollards Are Used

Put simply, a steel pipe bollard is a concrete-filled pipe that is inserted into the ground in front of businesses, walkways, and other areas. The pipe bollards are used in a variety of ways, but these remain the most common:

Security: Next time you go to the bank or ATM, look for steel pipe bollards. There’s a chance that they’ve been there all along without you noticing. Steel pipe bollards are commonly used in front of banks and ATMs to stop car intrusion and security breaches. Ornamental components are often added to make the steel pipe bollards visually appealing, but underneath the glitz and glam is a solid piece of implanted metalworking to prevent ram raid burglaries and the like.

Decorative: Pipe bollards aren’t only used for security purposes. In some cases, the bollards are used to create perimeters to highlight the surrounding architecture. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, bollards assist those who may not be able to see walkways.

Traffic: Steel bollards are often used to help guide traffic. By utilizing pipe bollards to manage vehicular and pedestrian traffic, the number of accidents can be drastically decreased.

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Visit Tampa Steel & Supply for Steel Pipe Bollards

If you’re looking to purchase steel pipe bollards for security, decoration, or traffic, Tampa Steel & Supply has the materials you need. We offer cylindrical steel bollards, as they are the most economically priced. These pipes are approximately 6’ 5/8” in diameter and run two to three feet below the ground and four feet above the ground. Once the pipes have been filled with concrete, they can be painted or covered with a decorative sleeve. In addition to the cylindrical steel pipe bollards, Tampa Steel & Supply also stocks other sized bollards in stainless steel and aluminum.

At Tampa Steel & Supply, we’re proud to be your one-stop shop for all of your steel needs. If you are looking for quality steel pipe bollards, we have everything you need as well as an extensive list of other products and services. To learn how Tampa Steel & Supply can help with your next project, contact us today.

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