DIY Welding Project Ideas

Fun and Creative DIY Welding Project Ideas

7 Fun & Creative DIY Welding Project Ideas

1. Looking for fall welding project ideas? How about using horseshoes to form a metal pumpkin?

2. Consider making a rose for your loved one that won’t ever die—by welding metal to form the petals.

3. Here’s an even more ambitious metal sculpture by Penny Hardy to give you some creative inspiration.

4. Add some creative welding flair to the outside of your home by welding a new fence.

5. Do you also work on old cars? Welders turned scrap metal and used car parts into a stunning bench design.

6. Even traditionally wooden household structures can be replaced with welded metal, like an industrial pipe bookshelf.

7. Light up your home or business with creative metal light fixtures and chandeliers.

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