DIY Sheet Metal Project Ideas

DIY Sheet Metal Project Ideas

It’s about that time. Spring is around the corner, and tagging along with the upcoming season are the DIY projects that you’ve been dreaming about all winter.

7 Creative and Simple DIY Sheet Metal Project Ideas

Here are seven of our favorite sheet metal do-it-yourself inspiration ideas.

1. Curved Marquee Letters

Make marquee letters for your home entrance, your outdoor patio, or just because.

2. Life Board

Instead of cluttering up the fridge, use a metal sheet to turn that boring hallway into a magnetic “life board.” It’s a great space for you to showcase photos and memorabilia in your home.

3. Custom Herb Magnet Board

Never ask where the cinnamon is ever again with this magnetic board for herbs and spices.

4. Corrugated Sheet Metal Dragonfly

Make a beautiful dragonfly to enjoy as you relax in your garden.

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5. Textured Earrings

Make funky looking earrings for mom (or yourself) using a metal sheet and an embossing tool.

6. Metal Flowers

Add metal life to your existing outdoor garden with these tin flowers made from metal cookie sheets.

7. Sheet Metal American Flag

In the spirit of Presidents’ Day as well as Lincoln and Washington’s birthdays this month, show your pride with this rustic American Flag. Display it as a backdrop over our fireplace or near your home’s front door.

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