Recycling Scrap Metal

The Basics of Recycling Scrap Metal

Recycling is a small but important effort we can all make to reduce our carbon footprint and help the environment. But while recycling typically conjures images of plastic bottles and hand-me-down clothing, recycling scrap metal is just as important. Scrap metal exports are one of the largest United States exports, so by recycling scrap metal, we can drastically reduce the amount of ore drilling worldwide. This includes metals like aluminum, brass, copper, iron, and more — but these are commonly tossed in the garbage due to the lack of knowledge and resource for property metal scrap recycling.

Read on to learn more about the basics of recycling scrap metal.

What types of metal do scrap yards take?

Scrap yards typically take aluminum, brass, copper, iron, steel, and the like — but you can call ahead and see if your local scrap yard accepts any additional metals.

How do I identify different types of scrap metal?

Identifying the types of scrap metal you have is an important part of the recycling process. You can determine what type of metal you’re dealing with by using a magnet. If the magnet sticks to your metal, you have a ferrous metal in your hand, which means it is likely iron or steel. If the magnet doesn’t stick, you have a non-ferrous metal, such as aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, or stainless steel. These are more valuable than ferrous metals.

How much is my scrap metal worth?

Different metals have different values. Similarly, different businesses will offer different cashouts too. As mentioned before, non-ferrous metals are typically worth more than ferrous metals like iron and steel. If you’re looking for a reliable quote in the Tampa Bay area.

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